What is Ichthyosis or severe skin dryness?

2018-04-24 10:54:37
What is Ichthyosis or severe skin dryness?

Ichthyosis is a type of skin disease that is associated with dry skin and itching. The word "ichthy" has a Greek root, which means fish, and is meant to be the fish's scales, which are similar to the skin formed on the patient's body.

Skin dandruff is not due to lack of skin fat, but because of the loss or dehydration of the skin. All treatments try to replace the skin with moisture and the surrounding environment.
Causes of illness
Most species of the disease are very rare. The genetic mutation has caused this disorder, which is transmitted from parent to child. But in some cases, none of the parents has this disease, but they carry the defective gene. When these two mutant genes are transmitted to the fetus, the baby is born with an occipist. In some rare cases, a genetic mutation occurs in the patient's body and affects him.
Common Symptoms
Aktiosis is a specific and severe dry skin characterized by severe dryness and scaling of the skin, especially in the hands. Often the forms of this condition are hereditary.
For treatment and fever, the skin should be constantly moisturized so that the skin is easily absorbed, especially with keratolytics, antibacterials are used to relieve and lessen the complications, as well as detergents containing chlorhexidine. One of the ways to reduce the thickness of an infection on the skin is biopsy. Consumption of food containing retinoic acid, fruit acid, urea, no curative treatment at the moment.
The first way to correct dermal skin is to add water to the skin and then use the hydrophobic material to preserve it. In laboratory experiments, it was proven that the hinged layer 5 to 6 times its weight can absorb water and triple it when immersed in water.
Clinically, it can be done by moistening the organ for 5 to 10 minutes or bathing for 5 to 10 minutes and using a moisturizer such as oeserin or lanolin and vaseline immediately after soaking or bathing.
The use of ointments alone (without soaking or bathing) has a modest effect, and although it protects the skin by preventing evaporation of the skin, it can not compensate for the scarcity of the skin.

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