Everything about astigmatism

Astigmatism is one of the optical and refractive errors of the eye that causes blurred vision. In the eyes of the astigmatic eye, it looks like a basketball or a back spoon and the light reaches the retina from one side to the other, and this will blur the eyes. This means that focus is only on the part of the eye. The more distance the object is, the more the body becomes more blurry.

Everything you need to know about BhCG testing or pregnancy testing

The hCG hormone, also known as hCG beta, is a hormone that is composed of a pair and is usually measured during pregnancy.

Shingles; Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Zina's disease is one of the issues that we will deal with in this article. The causes, causes, symptoms, and methods of treating shingles are discussed below.

What is a semi-vegetarian diet?

A semi-vegetarian diet called a flexible diet is a type of eating style in which people use mainly herbs in their diet, but they also eat some kinds of meat.

Home Remedies for Colds

During pregnancy, the body's immune system changes and gets worse. Runny nose or nasal congestion along with other symptoms during the cold can make a pregnant woman with severe discomfort.

Crisis called postpartum depression!

Learn more about postpartum depression, symptoms, and how to treat it, learn how to deal with it when it comes to it.

Why do some headaches occur behind the eye or bowl? Along with the causes and treatment

Since various factors and conditions cause headaches behind the eye, accurate diagnosis of this problem is of particular importance and is important for a proper treatment. The purpose of this post is to investigate the causes of headache in the back or eyeball and to examine the treatment options for them.

What is HGB in the blood test?

In the test sheets, HGB, Hg, or Hgb forms may be written, which is the abbreviation for hemoglobin, one of the main elements of the red blood cell. This substance, in which iron is used, is made up of amino acids. Hemoglobin releases it in high oxygen levels and releases it in a low oxygen environment.

Dry eye in the ambush of office workers

Are your eyes red and inflamed at the end of a day? Words blur the computer screen after hours? These are precisely the symptoms of dry eye. Studies on American and European administrative staff have shown that roughly a third of them suffer from dry eye symptoms.

Pulse of the heart from causes to treatment

This text focuses on the palpitation of the heart. In the following, what can be the cause of heart rhythm and what should be done to normalize the heartbeat.

What is a prostate test or a PSA test?

PSA testing is a blood test that is mainly used for screening for prostate cancer.

Learn more about allergies to better control it

This paper examines the types of allergies and signs, therapeutic and preventative therapies.

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