What are the causes for early hair removal and its therapeutic strategies?

Hair whitening is due to stopping hair dye production. The presence of hydrogen peroxide in the hair glands is also a bleaching agent in humans. Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap material for hair loss. White people usually see their first white hair on their heads in the late 20's. In the Asia people in the late 30's and Africans usually in the late 40's. However, most people have some white hair in their 50s.

Early hair bleeding, except in some rare cases, is not the cause of the disease in the body. Contrary to popular perception that stress is one of the causes of early hair loss, scientists believe that stress is not the case. Although scientists have not yet come to the conclusion about the cause of this issue, the genes undoubtedly play a major role in this happening. Early hair bleeding is not due to the presence of a disease in the body. Pituitary and thyroid gland disorders and vitamin B12 deficiency can cause bleeding of the hair.

How to prevent hair loss from premature whitening?
Do not smoke
Not only does cigarette bleach sooner than the hair, but it also brings a wide range of diseases. Cigarette smoking is one of the factors that causes the body to become older and older so that it is older than your actual age.

Avoid over-consumption of snacks and alcohol and coffee
These materials can make your body older than your real age. So while avoiding excessive consumption, you can prevent your hair from getting old and so it's whitening your hair.

Stay away from stress
Stress is normal to normal, but excessive body stress is aged and can lead to white hair. Body aging can lead to premature whiteness, so avoid stress with anti stress meditation techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Regular exercise can keep your body fresh and well-kept, making your body run its natural course. Exercise, in addition to all the benefits of maintaining a healthy body, leads to an increase in blood flow to the scalp, which in turn helps to increase hair growth and prevent hair bleeding.

Use supplements
Sufficient amounts of vitamin B5 are one of the solutions to prevent hair bleeding. So, with supplements from the B family, as well as Zinc supplements, you can prevent hair loss from premature whitening. (Be sure to start taking your supplements under the supervision of your doctor.) Also, vitamin B deficiency can lead to early white hair.

Traditional medicine for white hair removal
In the traditional therapist's view, white hair is not the only sign of increasing the number of days of life, and this whiteness can be the result of other factors. From the viewpoint of these therapists, vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, smoking, and anemia are among the factors that can lead to bleeding of the hair. If you are sure that bleaching your hair before the age of 30 due to heredity and genetic factors, you can treat the therapists of traditional medicine and fight the white hair spikes with the simplest methods.

Compensate for manganese deficiency
There are various factors for hair follicles before the middle ages. Sometimes nerve stress, thyroid dysfunction, improper diet or manganese deficiency in food are one of the most important factors that cause whitening of the hair. From the viewpoint of therapists of traditional medicine, correcting any of these disorders can reduce hair loss and ultimately Brightening the hair.

Wash your hair with black tea
One of the natural ways to remove white hair is to massage the hair with a black tea lotion. You do not need to go to this herbal pharmacy to supply this herbal lotion. You can easily make this lotion in the kitchen. To make this lotion it is enough to put a tablespoon of black tea with a tablespoon of dried apple juice with 2 glasses of water to slowly soak and leave a glass of this boil. Then remove the boil from the heat and flatten it. Let the lotion cool well. Take this lotion every week and use it to massage your hair. You can take advantage of this lotion every day.

The best way to blacken the white hair blades is to massage them with this body lotion 5 times a week. It is best to use a lightweight shampoo to wash hair and then massage the hair with this lotion.

Another herbal and natural lotion that can help darken the white hair is a bottle of tea made from black tea. This boiled massage can also accelerate the process of darkening the hair.

Twice a week, experience this hair oil for 30 minutes
If you prefer to help hair shine in addition to white hair treatment, we recommend you to mix henna and coconut oil. To make this oil, you can darken the white hair with one or two times.

Just add some pure coconut oil from the nearest local cinnamon and place it in a container as much as one of the cups and place it indirectly on the heat to boil. When the oil is boiled, remove it from the heat and leave the dried leaves of Henna plant in it. After a while you will see that the oil color turns brown.

Allow enough oil to allow it to cool completely. Then, with a teaspoon, pour a few drops of it over the hair, and with the help of the second strap, the fingers slowly release the hair.

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