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What is Trita?


The beginning of the medical history in Iran is in fact the era in which the Paths lived in their first birthplace near Khwarizm, and was called the first Arya doctor, Trita or Serita, which is actually like the Scoliosis of the Greeks and Ascoliops For the Romans.

The writings of various Pahlavi language books indicate that Trita also had surgery. Trita also had the full knowledge of the medicinal properties of various herbs and, in particular, extracted them. As in Yasnah 9, para. 10, states: "The third mummification of the plant of Humea, which made it an extract, made Trita of the house of Sam, the same as the owner of the two Poor Deliras, one of the spirits, and the other.

Learn more about Trita

The name of this doctor is not only in Iranian medicine, but in the Indian region, he is also known as the first Aryan physician, which shows that he lived when the Aryans of India and Iran were divided. After Trita in Aryavizh An Army doctor named Yama managed to identify a group of skin diseases, skin problems, and many other patients from healthy people, called "Verimacort."

The inhabitants of this area used sun rays for their own health. In Quotation 60, paragraph 2 refers to: In Iran, it has been specially made by Yama, and every one of the peoples and birds and birds there lives well there. Of the men, every forty generations of new generations and families are born, their weightlifters are much less painful and less painful. "It goes without saying that the name Yama is like Trita in the books of Hades.

Comprehensive Intelligent Virtual Doctor Portal

Comprehensive Physician Portal Intelligent Virtual

With the expansion of cybercrime and related activities in the field of the global network and its great impact on the community, we have come up with a system that has the capability to provide medical information in Leading the virtual world to promote the health of individuals.

The objectives of each project are as follows:

  1. Improving community health knowledge
  2. Introduce Diseases and Counteract It
  3. Types of medications
  4. User awareness of general health status
  5. Identify rare drugs available at pharmacies
  6. Public Consent to Intelligent Users
  7. Virtual Labs
  8. Census of Diseases to Prevent Exposure
  9. Collection of Diseases, Status, Tests
  10. Intelligent psychology counseling and testing

The identified phases are also divided into four general sections, which are:

  1. Designing a User Management System (CMS)
  2. Download Information on Drug Types, Diseases and Discussions, Medical Database
  3. Intelligent counseling based on age, gender and history of the patient's illness
  4. Advanced diagnosis based on user information (CT scans, brain barriers, and user tests)