Trita Doctors Management System

Easier to manage

Trita's specialized system is a mechanized software based on medical engineering knowledge that can improve the working process of doctors, nurses and all users who are active in the field of health. Trita has been developed to integrate several medical automation systems such as pharmacy, office, dentistry, labs, labs, etc.

Save on your expenses

The ability to aggregate information and connect multiple applications to a mother application has made it possible firstly to have several products in Trita, and in the second you can improve the program speed by sharing information. Excuse me, thirdly, Tieta has the ability to connect to the Internet and the internal network, and fourthly, you can assign multiple subscriber accounts to your nurse and secretary

Leading in the field of medicine

To help you manage your business, dear user, we have been helping AI know-how so that we can turn Trita into a smart application, for example, Trita will be able to base on the symptoms of the patient with The data mining technique will help the clinician to diagnose the disease, and will even be able to prescribe a drug to the patient with pattern recognition knowledge.

Create Professional Reports

Trita has tried to give you reports based on the information you entered into the system with advanced statistical knowledge and computing techniques, similar to these reports in the Exchange Management Software. All of Trita's features are designed to provide the simplest interface for you, in other words, the complexity of the system is not used in this system.

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  • ease of access to information
  • Quick management
  • Show reports
  • In the process of action, need to cooperate ...

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  • speed up
  • Manage all panels in one application
  • ease and simplicity
  • Portable without the need to install the program
  • Version: 1
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  • Trial version, under development ...

.NET Framework

Version: 4.0
  • For software running under Windows, this software must first be installed on your system, so that the program can run
  • File size: 50 MB
  • version: 4


Leading in the field of medicine


Easier to manage

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Create Professional Reports

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