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What is Trita?

Trita Intelligent Therapist System


The beginning of medical history in Iran is in fact a period in which the Parthians lived in their first birthplace near Khwarizm.The first Aryan doctor was called the Trita (Serita), which is actually like the Aesculapius for the Greeks and Asclepius for the Romans.

Many of Pahlavi's books say that Dr. Trita has also been doing surgery. Trita has been well aware of the medicinal properties of various herbs. He also produced herbal extracts. The book of Yesna, vol. 9, para. 10 states: "The third person who produced the extract of the Haoma was Trita from the Sam family. Sam is the one who owns two brave sons named Aravshishi and Garshasp.

Learn more about Trita.

The name of this doctor is not only persistent in Iranian medicine, but he is also known as the first Aryan doctor in the India, which shows that he lived at the time when the Aryans of India and Iran were not separated. After Doctor Trita, in the Aryavig area, in a place called "Verimacret", an Aryan doctor named Yama could recognize a group of skin diseases, bones, teeth, and so on. He was able to identify many patients from healthy people.

The residents of the area used sun rays for their health. In Menog-i Khrad, Q 60, para 2, mentions: "The city of Verimacret is constructed by Yama in the Aryavig region. All humans and animals have lived there well. Every fourty years there has been a generation and a new family. They had a comfortable life and became less sick." It should be said that Yama's name is like Trita in Hendo's books.

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Trita's specialized system is a mechanized software application based on medical engineering knowledge that can improve the workflow of physicians, nurses and all users who are active in the field of health and accelerate your performance operations. Trita has been created from a combination of several medical automation systems such as pharmacy management, office, dentistry, labs, and more.

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The ability to gather the information and connect multiple softwares to a mother application has made it possible to do lots of things; first, you may have several products in Trita; second, you can improve the speed of the program by sharing information; third, you are able to connect to the Internet and the local network; fourth, you can allocate several subscriber accounts for your nurses and clerks.

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Comprehensive Physician Portal Intelligent Virtual

With the expansion of cybercrime and related activities on the Internet and its very high impact on the community, we decided to design a system that has the capability to provide medical information in a virtual way to improve the health of individuals.

All the objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. Increase and improve the medical knowledge of the community
  2. Introduction of diseases and ways to deal with them
  3. Introducing a variety of medicines
  4. User's awareness of general health status
  5. Identify the rare drugs available at the pharmacies
  6. Intelligent public advice to users
  7. virtual lab
  8. Survey of the prevalence of various diseases
  9. Collection of disease records, status, tests
  10. Intelligent psychology counseling and testing

The identified technical phases are divided into four general sections, which are:

  1. Designing a Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Loading information about some kinds of drugs, diseases and educational topics from the medical database
  3. Intelligent counseling based on age, gender and history of the user's illness
  4. Advanced diagnosis based on user information (CT scan, brain barrier, and user experiments)

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Dear user, In order to facilitate your management, we have been using AI knowledge to make Trita a smart application, for example, Trita is be able to diagnose a disease based on the patient's symptoms of data mining techniques. And also it is able to prescribe medication to a patient with pattern recognition knowledge.

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Trita has tried to provide you with expert statistical reports and advanced calculations based on the information you have entered in the system. We see similar reports in stock management software. All of Trita's features are designed to provide the simplest interface for you. In other words, the complexity of the software is not used in this system.

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