Key and important ways to keep your mouth and gums healthy

One of the major parts of these species is bacteria. With just a simple fit, it can be said that of the 7.3 billion people living in the world, there are only 6 billion bacteria in the mouths of every human being.

These oral bacteria live in different parts. There are harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay and loss. Harmful bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, which are called dental caries and another type of bacteria called Porphyromongus gingivillis (harmful bacteria), attack gums only during gingivitis.

You can easily take care of your teeth. The major thing to do is double brushing a day, which protects the damage caused by harmful bacteria. On the other hand, problems with the mouth and gums cause acute problems such as previous attacks and strokes.

The 8 ways you can do dental health include:
Keep teeth healthy is part of our daily routine. Of course, sometimes conditions such as diabetes and pregnancy can cause dental problems. When blood sugar is high, it may cause oral health problems such as pain and infection.

1. Avoid Candy and Beverages:
The bacteria that live in the mouth love the sugar and the carbohydrates in the food. It is said that these bacteria proliferate in a very short time and connect to each other, creating a thick layer on the tooth called Plaque. There is a simple solution, which is to reduce the consumption of all substances used in white sugar and flour.

The formation of plaque in the tooth is equivalent to 90% of the dental problems that everyone faces. This also causes the formation of acid that can cause tooth decay. Limit the consumption of acidic fruits, carbonated beverages and sugary juices.

2. Do not brush too much:
Avoid brushing your teeth too fast and hard as they may scratch the tooth enamel. Acid-based foods can make tooth enamel softer and toothbrush wear easier. Wash your teeth an hour after eating sugary foods or beverages.

3. Use fluoride containing toothpastes:
Fluoride is called a natural warrior with cavities, because it aims to strengthen the enamel and restore the early stages of dental caries. This material makes the teeth resistant to acids from foods and harmful bacteria present in the mouth.

4. Watch out for chlorine swimming pools:
Most swimming pools are not properly chlorinated and their water may be too acidic. If the water containing chlorine enters the mouth, it may add up to the acid in it and eventually it will end the tooth decay. Make sure you manage the amount of chlorine in the water. After swimming, avoid drinking sugar or acidic flavors that may double the amount of chlorine in your mouth.

5. Regular checking:
Always keep a 6-month checkpoint. If you are a swimmer who often spends his time in the pool, then you should ask your dentist to prescribe fluoride-containing supplements, mouthwashes or any dental cover.

6. Do not crush your teeth:
Some people are accustomed to using the upper and lower parts of their teeth for crushing. This way is very dangerous and one of the easiest ways to erode enamel. If you have a habit of crushing, consult your dentist, he will probably recommend using a protective toothpaste that suits your teeth.

7. Do not use your teeth to open or tear:
Sometimes it's possible to use teeth to open the bottle, crush the nuts, and torn a pack. If you have this habit, your teeth may be damaged or even broken. If you want to break your teeth, and do not spend a lot to get your beauty, then you should stop doing it.

8. After drinking acidic fluids, wash your mouth:
After taking acidic fluids, wash your mouth with warm water. This is because acidic drinks and nutrients can make your tooth enamel weaker, thereby eroding and rotting it. You can brush a brush after an hour. When you use acidic substances, your mouth is acidic for at least 30 minutes.

The acidic compounds in the mouth evaporate phosphate and calcium in the enamel. When this happens, the teeth will be yellow and cloudy. The easiest way to get rid of this acidity is to drink and gargle after an hour.

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Fatemeh Ghorbani

Fatemeh Ghorbani

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