What is Uric Acid Test?

What is uric acid?
Uric acid is a substance that results in the breakdown of particles called purine in the body. Purine is a nitrogen-rich component of the body found in the nucleus of the cells and the genomic body of the body. Uric acid test measures the amount of this substance in the blood or urine. When the cells are worn and die, their purine components are released into the bloodstream. Low levels of uric acid are found in each person's blood due to the use of certain foods such as red meat, beans, peas and the like.

If too much uric acid is produced or removed by the kidneys is not done well, it can accumulate in the blood and increase the amount of uric acid in the blood known as hyperuricemia. Excessive amounts of uric acid in the blood can accumulate in the joints and cause gout disease. Which causes inflammation of the joints, but its accumulation in the kidneys causes the formation of uric acid kidney stones and can lead to renal failure.

Of course, these conditions can also be influenced by the treatment of cancer chemotherapy, which is due to the massive mortality of the body cells.

When do you need this test?
People with gout disease
People who suffer from inflammation of the joints.
People with a history of kidney stones
People undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy
What examples are used to perform uric acid test?
Blood specimens and 24-hour urine collection. Although there is no need for specific measures before sampling, some recipes recommend to be fast.

Interpreting the results of Uric Acid Uric Acid Test
blood test
Relevant recommendations recommend serum uric acid levels below 6 milligrams per deciliter. The high values ​​of this test can indicate the following:

Cancer and Cancer Metastases
Myeloma cancer
Chronic kidney disease
Pregnancy poisoning
alcohol consumption
The low values ​​of this test can indicate the following:

Some types of liver and kidney disease
Fanconi syndrome
Exposure to toxic compounds
Rarely, due to a rare metabolic deficiency called Wilson's disease
urine test
High levels of uric acid in the urine are due to the following conditions:

Multiple Myeloma
Metastatic cancer
Purine diet
People with a history of uric acid kidney stones will probably prescribe drugs that increase uric acid levels.
Low levels of uric acid in the urine are due to the following conditions:

Kidney Diseases
Consistent drinking
Lead poisoning
What do you need to know before you test uric acid?
Many drugs can increase or decrease uric acid levels. Diuretic drugs and thiazide medications increase uric acid levels. Aspirin and salicylates have different effects on uric acid. Aspirin can increase blood uric acid in low-dose doses (in people who take some aspirin occasionally).

On the other hand, in high doses (which may be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis), aspirin reduces the concentration of uric acid. In people with gout, you should avoid sardine fish before consuming foods that contain high levels of purine, such as red meat, liver, and liver.

Alcohol should be avoided because it slowly removes the uric acid from the body. Fasting, fasting weight loss, stress, and intense physical exercises increase uric acid levels. Some people may show high levels of OVI acid without any specific symptoms. However, general screening for gout and treatment is not recommended. Other tests confirm this.

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