How should parents prepare juvenile boys for the process of puberty and non-masturbation?

If you own a teenager, you may not be aware of your teenage mistress. But it's better to know that masturbation in teens is a normal process of natural growth and puberty. You probably have doubts about baths for a long time or worry about hurting yourself. Even though you do not need to worry so much, talk to your child better. First, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of mature boys.

Signs of puberty in boys:
Boys' maturity occurs later than girls. Maturation 95% of boys start at the age of 9 but there is a chance that they will start at age 14. Some physical changes in boys are very personal and their parents may not be aware of them, but the boys themselves will notice these changes.

body shape
You may have noticed your son's physical changes, but just before this, his weight, his low arm and legs may have drawn your attention. At about 15, he grows up suddenly, his shoulders grow wider and his muscles become more intense. He gets significantly stronger and can do regular sports exercises.

Sweating, hair, acne
Personal hygiene is probably one of the biggest changes for young boys. It may have been difficult for her to wash her hands or shower before. But nowadays, due to the high amount of bad sweat and bad smell, it has to pay more attention to these points. Or it is likely to come back to you soon and ask about hair correction. His hormones produce more fat on his ears and make him prone to acne.

Penis enlargement and testicles
The first indication of puberty is the growth of the testicles and testicle, which eventually becomes almost twice as high. On the testes, about 1.3% of the boys appear in small light bulges called papules. These boil bumps are natural and safe, albeit permanent.

Erection overnight
With physical growth, there is a possibility of abnormal nighttime erections. Talk to your child about these overnight events. Knowing this will remove her concerns about night-time humidity and she will be prepared to face up to these conditions. Tell your boyfriend this may occur for a while and may have little control over it, but it will improve as age rises.

Sound changes
With the passage of time and the growth of the larynx and voice box, the tone of his voice increases.

Breast growth
In the first two years, adolescence becomes swollen due to the estrogen hormone. This is a temporary state and will be visible to boys who are overweight.

Mood changes
Like girls, boys can also experience mood changes due to hormonal, physical and emotional changes. Be patient and understand them. This is a transient state.

Talking with teen:
It is advisable to not talk about masturbation when parents talk about having sex with teens. As a parent, you have to have your own communication style. Do not force your teen to confess. There is no reason why you should be in a position to ask such questions. Use the tone to speak with him. Do not punish or hold him off for doing so. Such a conversation with him should not mean encouraging him to do masturbation.

You do not need to talk extensively about masturbation, important things that your teenager needs to know is that nobody goes to his privacy. You can discuss some of your suicidal symptoms in boys, including:

Losing common life plans
Performing this procedure in adolescents can cause physical and psychological tiredness. Due to this state, it may lose interest in the usual routine of life. Or when it becomes aware of the state of being addicted to it, leaving it to mean loss of self-esteem and frustration with tolerance of guilt.

Physical weakness
An adolescent who is addicted to this practice may refrain from having breakfast or dinner. This action will analyze its physical strength, especially in the age of growth.

In this case, the teenager will not be able to concentrate strongly on his or her syllabus. And is likely to face academic challenges.

When should we be worried?
Physical pain. Sometimes the area is stimulated, which is pain and discomfort, and a non-fat lubricant or lubricant can help with this.

Physical injury. Substances may be used to cause physical damage. Or nails cause scratches and inflammation. If you think your teen is having a pain or discomfort, talk with her and make sure that a pediatrician can easily fix her problem.

backache. Adolescents who do too much of this may experience back pain, pain in the groin or testicles.

Disorders of the sexual organs. Too much of this action can threaten the future of adolescent marital life. Dyspnea disorder can be one of the side effects of these organs.

In order to leave or to do so, parents must first start with themselves. Avoid watching immature movies in front of the adolescent as much as possible. Manage your use of social networks and cybercafe. If possible, you can use sports classes to evacuate teenage energy.

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