Is the testicle mass always a symptom of testicular cancer?

In this paper, our focus is on the testicle mass. We will discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of testicular mass, and we will also tell you when to see the doctor. But before we start the main discussion of testicular mass, we must point out that the testicles are not always a sign of testicular cancer, but even the majority of testicles are safe.

What is the testicle mass?
As the name of the testicle mass is known, the mass of testicles is mass that exists in the testes. This mass may be due to fluid accumulation, infection, or swelling of the skin and veins. It was said above that most of the testicles are safe, but in general they are not too few cases that could indicate a dangerous condition.

Causes of Testicular Mass
Several causes may cause testicular mass, including:

1. Who is:
Who is usually a bag full of liquid, which looks like a small mass when it touches it. Cysts can be created anywhere in the body and are usually harmless.

2- Varicocele:
The torso sprain is called varicocele.

3- Hydrosele:
The fluid in the testicle is known as hydrocele.

Testicular sprain:
The testicular twist is an emergency and a serious condition that requires immediate treatment. People who have a testicular stiffness usually experience severe pain, which may lead to swelling in the testes and vomiting following this pain.

5- Epididymitis:
Epididymitis implies a condition in which a person feels pain in his epididymis. Epididymal tubes are located behind each of the eggs and its task is to carry sperm.

6. Testicular cancer:
The most dangerous cause of testicular mass is testicular cancer.

Self-test for detecting testicular mass
Knowledge of the body and the awareness of any changes can be important in the process of managing the health of the body. In this regard, examination of the testicle to be aware of any changes in it can be useful to ensure that the testicles are not present or early detection of testicles. To perform a self test to detect testicular mass, the best time is when the body is warm and the person feels calm. At this time, it's better to recognize any unusual item. for this job:

Stand up in the mirror.
Look at the testicles in the mirror to detect if there is any swelling in them.
Then place two fingers under the testicles and examine them thoroughly.
It's better that every man, from the beginning of puberty, always check the testicles every single month.

When should I go to a doctor?
Everyone should consult a doctor as soon as he or she finds the mass in the testes, because without a doctor's review it can not be said that the target mass is cancerous.

Testicular mass detection
In the first place, the physician examines the testicles physically. He may occasionally use light shine on testicles to detect testicular masses. In some cases, it has also been seen that the doctor prescribed ultrasound therapy.

Treatment of testicular mass
It was mentioned above that what might cause a testicle mass. Therefore, considering these cases, all testicular masses do not require treatment, and depending on the cause, the type of treatment is also different. For example, if a testicle mass is due to a cyst, there is no need for treatment. Cysts usually disappear on their own. If it is with pain, it is better to use warm wipes to reduce pain and swelling. Anti-infectious agents should be used if they are infected.

Of course, doctors can eliminate cysts under local anesthesia, but they are usually not an action to remove cysts because they are both harmless and self-limiting. Patients with varicoceles or hydrocele, who have not experienced a symptom, usually do not need treatment. Of course, in some cases, it is possible to remove hydrocele or liquefaction.

Surgery is sometimes used to treat varicoceles. This surgery is to stop the flow of blood in the swollen veins. Testicular scrotum also requires immediate treatment, and epidemic is usually treated with antiviral drugs.

But the most important and most dangerous cause of testicular mass, testicular cancer, requires serious treatment. Treatment for testicular cancer will vary depending on the stage of the cancer.

In some cases, radiation therapy or chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells. Occasionally, an individual needs surgery to remove the mass. In more dangerous situations, part of the testicles or entire testicles are removed from the body to prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells. In this situation, an implant is used to replace it, which will affect the fertility of the individual.

Last speech

Testicular masses are not always dangerous, and even in most cases, they are safe. There are very few masses that are evidence of testicular cancer. However, anyone who identifies the masses in their testes should go to the doctor very quickly to check for the testicle mass at the earliest possible time.




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