Everything about blackheads, signs and home remedies

Black and subcutaneous blackheads are caused due to skin fats. These welds often appear on the face, neck, chest, arm and shoulder. These acne blemishes are mild.

Tips on black head bouts
Non-inflammatory black head swollen. This means that they are not infected and that they will not cause pain and discomfort.
Blackheads are smaller than acne.
They look very ugly and cause mental disorders.

What is the boiling point of black head and how does it appear?
Blackheads are a type of comodone. Comodone occurs when a pore is blocked from the skin and the pus moves into that area and turns into a whitehead or blackhead. Typically, hair follicles grow from the pores of the skin and place the sebaceous glands under the skin. When these pores are blocked, the dead skin cells remain beneath the skin without oxygen and will become blackheads.

The cause of the appearance of blackheads
Some factors can increase the chance of blackhead bouts.

Age and hormonal changes
These pimples are more common in puberty. Androgen is a male hormone secreted during puberty and increases blood circulation and changes in skin area, such as redness of the skin and blackheads. Boys and girls experience a higher level of androgens during adolescence. After puberty, hormonal changes in menstruation, pregnancy and the use of birth control pills can also occur in black women. Excessive production of skin cells by the body can lead to blackheads.


Other factors include:
Blocked pores of the skin by cosmetics
Repair and other activities that open hair follicles
High moisture and fatty skin
Some health conditions, such as stress, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Medications that cause fast cell motility.
Inappropriate feeding
Use of some steroidal drugs such as corticosteroids
Contrary to popular belief, poor health directly causes blackheads. Excessive scratches make it worse.
Medical treatments for blackheads
Most people can manage it at home without having to go to a doctor. But some activities can make them worse and cause acne. It rarely happens that these breaks are cancerous, but if you see strange changes in these pimples, it's advisable to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Azaleic acid
Salicylic acid
Benzoyl peroxide
Prescription drugs that contain vitamin A, such as:

Home Remedies for Blackhead
1- Facial scrub
Scrub or skin cleansing will help a lot in treating blackheads. You can use face scrubs on the market. In such a way, gently squeeze some scrubs in the bathroom and gently scrub in areas where you see black.

2. Use non-modal products
Some cosmetic products and supplies will cause facial blemishes due to the use of fat and paraffin. Try to use vegetarian and non-greasy products.


3. Relax and relax
Resting enough rest and stress relief is also very useful for the skin.

4. Low-fat and light foods
Using low-fat and light foods is very helpful in treating blackheads. Try to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan and avoid consuming processed products.

What do you need to do with blackheads?
Avoid squeezing the pimples.
Use incense.
Use anti-wrinkle masks.
Avoid wearing tight clothing.
Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Household masks for blackheads
1- Lemon Mask and Honey and Brown Sugar
Mix the lemon and honey and sugar and apply to the pimples and wash the face with cold water after 10 minutes.

2. Turmeric and tea tree oil
Mix the yellow tea tree and oil of the tea tree and apply to the boils and rinse it with cold water for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Mask of milk and honey and sugar
Mix milk, honey and sugar and apply on face. After 20 minutes, rinse the skin with cold water.

4. Egg white mask
The egg whites are miraculous for the skin. Remove the egg whites from the egg yolks and mix it thoroughly until it fills. Then apply to the skin. This mask is excellent for high-energy boils.


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