Causes, symptoms and treatment of flutter or floating objects in the eye

How to clean our eyes?
When you find something in your eyes, it makes you sad. The washing of the eye depends on its condition. Act quickly to prevent any damage to the eyes and eyes.


Many household chemicals can damage your eyes. They include bleach, detergent cleaners, fertilizer, baking powder, lime products such as gypsum and cement. Rinse your eyes with cold or cold water for at least 15 minutes. You can do this in a sink or bath. After you have finished washing, consult a physician or an experienced practitioner. They can tell you what to do.

If you see a small object in your eyes, wipe it with a wipes. Be careful not to rub that this may come in contact with the outside and exterior material. Do not use hot water because the eyes, eyelids and skin around it are sensitive. Do not expose the infection. If you have an infection like a pink eye, use a special napkin for each wash cycle. If there is a problem with pinking in both eyes, use two napkins to prevent infection from one eye to the other.

If you have the following problems, you probably need medical care:
Problem observing or opening eyes
Redness in the white eye area
Problem removing external material from the eye
Teasing eyes in front of bright light
the pain


Causes, symptoms and treatment of flutter or floating objects in the eye
Floaters or floating eye sores can not be cured; of course, it's not a disease. Sometimes it disappears over time. If you have this problem, be sure to refer to your doctor, because you may get used to it over time and cause other problems. The flutter will never diminish your eyesight, but the person will no longer have a clear view and will annoy you with the increase in these blemishes.

Eye floaters seem to be walking in small points of your eyes. When you look at a white paper or blue sky, you'll see it more clearly. This problem probably hurts you. Vessels get a special name by moving around your eyes. Once you focus on these points, they tend to move a lot.

They appear in many different ways:

Black or gray spots
Thread threads
Interesting and special lines
Nightmare, or better, say something like spider web
When you look at them, they usually do not go away. You will notice them over time. Most vessels are small creatures of a protein called collagen. They are part of a gel-like substance behind your eyes called Vitros. As you age, the protein fibers that make up the vitros are smaller so that small beads are combined. Shadows that play on your retina are floating. These changes may occur at any age, but usually occur between the ages of 50 and 75. If you are approaching this age or have cataract surgery, you will be more prepared for these problems.


Flotter is rarely possible to occur in the following surgical procedures:

Eye diseases
Eye damage
Diabetic retinopathy
Crystal deposits that are formed in Vitros.
Eye tumors
Retina tears
Eye disorders associated with vessels are:

Retinal detachment or tearing
Bleeding in Vitros
Eye tumors
What may sound like a float is the visual sound that can accompany a migraine headache.

When do you need to go to a doctor? Get medical attention when you have some eye irregularities that do not change over time.

If you find that you have the following questions, go to the ASAP doctor:
Sudden increase in the number of ocular spots
Flashes and Shadows of Light
Losing side view
Changes that happen quickly and get worse over time.
There are stains and floating objects after surgery or eye damage
Choose a doctor who has retinal expertise. If you do not immediately turn off, you may lose your eyes.

How are bloating objects treated? Benign patients almost never need medical treatment. If this does not hurt you, try pulling them out of sight. If you remove many of them, the ophthalmologist may suggest a surgery called vitrectomy. He destroys the virus and replaces it with salt solution. But it may also have the following consequences:

Retinal detachment
Rupture of the retina
However, the likelihood of these risks is low, but if these problems occur, they can cause serious damage to your eyes. It is worth noting that the probability of flutter is greater in the near-minded people.

How to take care of your eyes:
Minimize screen or laptop light and increase the font size.
Take exercises to strengthen the eye; for example, focus on an object that is near you for a few moments and then look at the distant. This will strengthen your eyes muscles and also reduce eye blur.
Take advantage of sunlight; do not look directly at it. Looking at the open air and putting sunlight on your face is very helpful.
If you use a lens, more than 19 hours can be dangerous to your eyesight.
Ladies, if you have eye makeup, be sure to clean your eyes before bedtime.
Use glasses that protect against rays like ultraviolet radiation.
And lastly enough, enough light, enough sleep, foods h

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