Is the undesirable effects of mobile waves on the human brain true?

What is the effects of mobile waves on the human brain?
Mobile effects are divided into two general categories of thermal and non-thermal. The thermal effects, as its name suggests, can increase the temperature of the brain and the human body, but the more serious is the unhealthy effects of these waves, which can lead to a series of disorders and diseases such as nausea, dizziness, itching and even mental problems in people. .

Another disadvantage of electromagnetic waves is through the placement of mobile phones in the pockets of the pants, which in some cases has caused leg burning in some people. There are also some chronic headaches that make up the head while sleeping.

The impact and impact of the electromagnetic waves on the mobile phone is very different for people, but our main concern is that these waves in the long run even cause genetic effects and ultimately genetic changes in the human race.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer categorizes mobile electromagnetic waves in a carcinogenic group. As the phone moves away, the power of the waves decreases. If the person's body, 30 to 40 centimeters away from the mobile phone when used like sending a short message and using the Internet, also uses handsfree, the risk of cancer decreases when the cell is near the head.

In addition to using handsfree and getting off the body of the phone by reducing the time of calls and limiting the minutes, mobile use can be reduced in areas where the mobile device is desirable and the wavelength is lower.

The waves are near the antenna
The energy absorbed by the body from the mobile antenna is near the antenna and is at least as high as 100 meters in distance, and then begins to decrease.

The impact of cell phone waves on children
Children are at greater risk of mobile waves. Children are more vulnerable to mobile phone radiation due to the growing nervous system and energy absorption of the head, and should prevent children from using cell phones.

Impact of mobile waves on heart rate
People who have heart rate regulator use caution with a cell phone. People who use tattering devices such as heart rate regulators in their bodies should be mindful of the use of mobile phones and the presence of radio frequency waves.




Mahboubeh Zaferani

Mahboubeh Zaferani

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