11 Reasons to Loved a Mediterranean Diet!

The Mediterranean diet is based on the relatively high consumption of olive oil, grains, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, the average consumption of fish and dairy products, especially yogurt and cheese, and very low consumption of meat and meat products.

1. The Mediterranean diet does not require calories
This diet does not require a calculator! Instead of adding and subtracting numbers, you need to remove bad fats to get some good fats. For example, use olive oil instead of butter. Use chicken and fish instead of red meat. And instead of eating fancy desserts, use fresh fruits.

Use your favorite vegetables and grains in your diet. The brains are great, but do not overestimate them, enough to eat on a daily basis. In this diet, you can use bread made from whole grains, but with some balanced.

2. In the Mediterranean diet, the food is fresh and fresh
In this diet, you do not need to freeze your freezer with food or go to the microwave. The important thing in this diet is to use fresh vegetables from the season. Use spinach, cucumber and tomato to make fresh and delicious salads and use authentic Greek ingredients, such as olive oil and feta cheese.

3. In the Mediterranean diet, you can use bread
When shopping, look for buns made of whole grains. These breads contain a lot of proteins and minerals and are far more healthy than white bread. You can make them with olive oil or humus.

4. Fat Mediterranean diet is not forbidden!
Just look for healthy fat. This type of fat can be found in the brains, olive and olive oil. The fat in these foods (unsaturated and trans fatty low), in addition to giving your diet a good taste, helps the body to cope with diabetes and cancer.

5. The menu is very varied
The food in the Mediterranean diet is far more diverse than what you can find in Greek and Italian kitchens. In this type of diet, there are foods from Spain, Turkey, Morocco and other countries. It is enough to note only these two basic principles:

Red meat and dairy fat: less
Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Olive Oil, And Whole Grains: More.
6. In the Mediterranean diet, spices are delicious
Leaves, coriander, rosemary, garlic, pepper and cinnamon give a great taste to your food and no longer need to empty the salt on your plate. Some of these spices have unique properties. For example, coriander (you can use it as a very fragrant and tasty egg), as well as rosemary, have antioxidants and nutrients that help the body fight off diseases.

7- In the Mediterranean diet, baking foods is fast
Greek meals are often small and easy to cook. For example, to have a simple meal that you can eat as a snack, just put cheese, olives and brains on your plate.

8. You are comfortable! You are never hungry in the Mediterranean diet
In this nourishing style, you have the chance to eat delicious foods such as fried potatoes and humus. These are foods that are digested slowly and help you feel satiated for a longer time. Hunger is not an important issue when you can use the brain, olives, or some low-fat cheese in your diet. Feta cheese and halophytic cheese are less fat than cheddar cheese, but they are still nourishing and delicious.

9. With a Mediterranean diet, you can lose weight
You might think it's a miracle if you're allowed to eat your brains, cheese and oil and at the same time reduce weight. But it's better to know that the Mediterranean diet (and generally similar nutrition styles) will help you stay on top of your diet by eating nutrients for a longer period of time, and this will keep you on top of your promise and appointment as well. Do not leave

Performing regular exercise is also an important part of this lifestyle.

10. Your heart will thank you
It can be said that almost everything in this diet is beneficial for your heart. Olive oil and brains help reduce bad cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes help cleanse the arteries. Fish help reduce triglycerides and blood pressure. Even drinking a glass of wine in this diet is also good for your heart.

11. You have loved your brain!
The same foods that are good for your heart are good for your brain. In this diet, you do not eat bad fats and processed foods that are harmful to the brain; instead, your diet is rich in antioxidant foods that have a good relationship with your brain.

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