Main features:
1- Improvement in how articles are displayed
2- Added the date of publication of the articles
3. Improve the statistics of visiting each article, using the users' IPs
4- Show relevant articles in each post
5. Improve and modify the links of the menus
6- Show the proposed articles

Features of Authors:
1- Activate the word calculator
2- Ability to control, review and edit articles
3- Automatic semi-automatic modification
4- Show rating and rating of authors

Main facility features
1- Setting up medical education and health news
2- Activating the Writers Section

Features of the Writers section
1- Insert and edit educational and news posts
2- Possibility to manage posts in 6 languages of the world
3- Manage newsgroups
4- Adding different tags for posts

Main features:

1- Facilitate Membership Section
2- Activate passwords forgotten
3- Creating a page related to the updates and the list of changes
4- Translation into 6 languages of the world - Developing
5- Strengthening application security with SSL secure connection

User page features:

1- Nail health information
2- Study of diseases and hair health
3- Investigating and reporting more than 90 types of skin diseases

In the next versions, in order to enhance the health and knowledge of users, the news section will be added to Trita in different branches.

Standard User Features:

1- Registration and management of blood related tests:
You can interpret the test result without having to review your doctor by registering your test case. Along with a full description of how to test and review the complete results of each experiment
2- Interpretation of hematology or hematology of CBC, WBC, RBC and ...
3. Biochemical interpretation, calcium, vitamin, iron, urea and ...
 4. Interpretation of immunology or immunology department, p24, IgG and ...
5- ABG test for Pao2, O2sat and ...
6- Interpretation of RBS Blood Glucose Test, 2hpp and ...
7. Testosterone test, thyroid and hormones T3, FT3 and ...
8. Interpretation of hepatitis test
9. BetaHCG Pregnancy Test

In the next updates, the section on Diagnosis of Blood-Related Diseases and its Treatment (Smart Drug Administration) will apply. We need technical and engineering support and medical information in order to advance the goals, if you wish to contact us.

Some of the newly uploaded features for medical users:

1- Managing and inserting a doctor's resume
2- Registration and management of academic records
3- Possibility to include doctoral research papers, awards and honors
4. Assistant management, registration and editing of the secretary

Standard User Features:

1- Edit personal profile, add family member ID and spouse list for automatic search of hereditary diseases.
2. Activation of radiological forms including nuclear medicine, radiography, ultrasound, CT scan, echocardiography, MRI, this section has been created to upload images and diagnose symptoms in a person using image processing knowledge, This section is under development and has not been finalized
3- Conducting psychological tests including intelligence, personality, creativity, clinical, emotional and children's tests. Trita's degree in this part of the field is one of the organizers of the test. Soon, Trita's level of sophistication and intelligence in this section As a psychologist, it will be hoped that using this artificial intelligence technique will bring this section to a psychologist's point of view.
4. Additional information including a form of insertion of body detail for examination of body mass indexes, rhizotimism, obesity or weight loss, a blood test assistant (developing) form, dietary intake (under development)
5. Activation of organ menones and related diseases (developing)