If you have hypothyroidism, avoid taking these foods

The present article is for those who are afflicted with hypothyroidism or who are more likely to be exposed to the disease due to their family history. If you belong to one of these two groups, you should know that what you eat plays a big role in your affliction of hypothyroidism. We will continue to mention substances that are harmful to you. So do not miss this article. Avoid taking the food that goes on if you have or are experiencing hypothyroidism.

A brief description of hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism means that the thyroid gland in the body does not produce the amount of hormones it is expected to produce. Due to this disease, symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, cold feelings, menstrual disorders, forgetfulness and even depression may appear in the affected person. Of course, for the observation of these symptoms, it is not possible to discontinue the verdict of hypothyroidism, but it is the best way to diagnose the thyroid hormones and measure TSH.

Harmful foods for hypothyroidism

1. Soybeans and soy foods:
Although soy is one of the most nutritious foods, it's better not to be consumed when it comes to hypothyroidism, as it may interfere with thyroxine absorption. So it's better to remove tofu, soy, tempe and in general all that is based on soy beans from your diet. If for any reason you do not want to remove soy from your food list, at least the distance from consuming it to your medication is greater and more than its ability to intervene in absorbing drugs.
2- Raw leafy vegetables such as spinach and clove:
Chives and spinach are among the ingredients known as goatrogens. Guitrhogenes cause impairment in the absorption and use of iodine in the body and thus are detrimental to people with hypothyroidism. In other words, these substances reduce thyroid function by affecting the intake of nutrients in the body. But the good news is that this point is related to the raw state of these vegetables. When cooked, their risk is eliminated, but it's best to observe moderate consumption of these vegetables and not overuse them.
3 Chilipa vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli:
Although chillypis vegetables are high-quality foods, they are harmful to those with hypothyroidism. So try to take these vegetables at the time of hypothyroidism.
4. Green Tea and Coffee:
Coffee is said to be harmful to the hypothyroidism as it interferes with the absorption of thyroid hormone. Even green tea, with all its properties, can cause problems in the development of hypothyroidism (including a decrease in the production of T3 and T4 hormones). You should also not take green tea, or at least one cup a day if you take it.
5. Nuts:
Nuts (including walnuts, almonds and pine seeds) may also be harmful due to gastro-inferiority of the thyroid gland. So try to cut off the nuts or use it very little during the period of the disease.
6. Peaches, Pears and Strawberries:
Unfortunately, fruits like peaches, pears, and strawberries are also harmful because of their genetic properties for hypothyroidism. It's best to find alternatives to these fruits at a time when you have hypothyroidism. Cherry and citrus appear to be the perfect alternative for these fruits.
7. Processed foods:
The last thing we emphasize in this article is processed foods. Avoid processed foods such as chips, snacks, crackers and the like. These foods worsen the symptoms of hypothyroidism.


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