Stay away from doing so during pregnancy

Harmful things during pregnancy
Women have some sensitive periods during their life, one of which is pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a need for work that will be taken into consideration both for the health of the mother and for the health of the fetus. Of course, these do not have to be so much, and most mothers can do most of their daily routine during pregnancy, but there are still a number of things that should not be done during this period, otherwise it is possible. Damage to the health of the mother and to the health of the fetus.

1- Drinking alcohol:
When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, alcohol passes through the placenta and can affect the fetus. For this reason, the risk of developing fetal alcohol syndrome will increase with alcohol during pregnancy. This syndrome can have the following consequences for the fetus:

Physical disorders
Mental disabilities
behavioral problems
Poor growth
It is unclear to doctors how much alcohol can be allowed and does not harm the fetus, so it is better to completely stop alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

2- Use of a specific food category:
A series of foods that can be harmed during pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to avoid using this material completely during this period. Some of these are:

Non-pasteurized dairy products (these may contain Listeria bacteria that are harmful to the fetus.)
Some types of soft cheeses (such as Feta cheese, Cheese and Cheese Blanco cheese, may also contain Listeria)
Mummified fish (swords, horseshoe and empty mussels, including mussels, should be avoided during pregnancy, and mercury in these fish may cause hearing damage and vision to the fetus)
Raw Fish (raw shellfish and sushi are also harmful during pregnancy due to the risk of salmonella and toxoplasmosis.)
Raw eggs (During pregnancy, raw egg products should also be avoided, as raw eggs may contain Salmonella.)
3. High Caffeine Consumption:
Like alcohol, caffeine also has the ability to cross the pair and can affect the fetus. Of course, although research has not yet reached a clear conclusion about the amount of caffeine consumed during pregnancy, many believe that caffeine consumption should be limited to 300 mg per day during pregnancy.

4- Performing contact sports:
College college experts believe that pregnant women should avoid contacting sports, such as football and boxing. They believe that these exercises are accompanied by increased risk of decolletage of the placenta, or placenta placement (the placental decollete means the sudden separation of the placenta from the endometrium).

5- Lifting heavy objects:
According to the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women should also avoid heavy lifting, as this increases the risk of hernia rupture, birth weight and early delivery.

6. Smoking:
Smoking is dangerous for both the mother and the baby during pregnancy. In addition to increasing the risk of heart and lung disease, the use of cigarettes can cause the following:

Preterm delivery
Some congenital anomalies such as cleft palate
Sudden infant death syndrome
Coupling problems
Keep in mind that during pregnancy not only should you avoid smoking, but the pregnant woman should not be exposed to other people's smoke.

7. Drug use:
Drug use is always harmful to humans at any time, but it's more likely to be misleading during pregnancy. Therefore, no pregnant women should use any type of herbal medicine if they are considering their health and their fetus.

8. Perform some exercises and exercises:
Although doctors advise women to exercise during pregnancy, there are some exercises and exercises that are harmful to the mother and the baby. Exercises and exercises that include the following should never be taken by a pregnant woman:

Sudden change of direction
to jump
Abdominal exercises
Of course, some exercise and exercises like walking or swimming during pregnancy are beneficial, but it is generally advisable to consult a doctor during pregnancy before doing any physical activity.

9. Use of certain medications:
In the last word, it's best to avoid taking some harmful drugs during pregnancy. Remember to consult your doctor for taking any medication during pregnancy, but you should never take any of the following medications during pregnancy:

Most herbal remedies
Prophon and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
ACE inhibitors
Some common colds in the first trimester
Some Anti Acne Drugs

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