10 Important Tips To Know Before Ejection Surgery

When we look at our character, we rarely understand the beauty that creates our eyebrows. They shape our image as a human being and define our appearance, but sometimes we can take it as important when we destroy it or accidentally shake some of it, or just because of the particular circumstances We lose it.

1. What is the most common cause of eyelash loss?
There are a number of factors that can cause eyebrows to get bumped or lost. This can be due to a sudden occurrence of eyebrow removal and erosion, or it can be caused by certain incidents such as physical or chemical damage. A condition that can cause hair loss can also cause eyebrows. But in some cases, the only fact is that the person is getting old and this can lead to the erosion of the eyebrows, which may give them a naked appearance.

2. What volunteers are suitable for eyebrow planting?
Anyone who suffers from her thin eyebrows is known as a suitable volunteer for this technique. Also, they should generally have healthy conditions, which means they have no bleeding or clotting problems.

3. Is this a sustainable solution?
Yes, eyelash surgery is a lasting solution for thin eyebrows. You will experience a prolonged development, just like your own eyebrows motherland hair, and they will eventually shed but will eventually be restored.

Where do eyelashes get in surgery?
To get a damaged hair, eyebrow or hair loss, the hair of the donor is taken from the rest of the eyebrows. For women, eyebrows are taken from the upper thighs or behind the ears. The hair in these areas makes the eyebrows more natural because they are thinner. For men, the hair transplant can be removed from other areas, and this depends on the thickness of their main eyebrows. Men tend to have thicker and larger eyebrows.

5. How to use the eyebrow hair transplant from other parts?
The whole process often requires 50 to 100 hair transplants or even more hair. These are different for each patient and are calculated based on the pre-operative evaluation.

6. Where will this be done?
One good thing about eyebrow implantation is that they do it outdoors.


7. How long does this process last?
Depending on the duration of the work to be done on each patient. Typically, a typical eyebrow can take 5-6 hours.

8. How long does eyelash treatment last?
Because good tools and minimally invasive techniques are used in this way, you can return to normal activities within 48 hours; you should not have any activity or sports during that time.

9. Are there any side effects and risks for hair transplantation?
There is less risk of hair loss with eyebrows. Unpleasant results often include hair growing in the wrong direction. In such cases, hair removal can be done by guiding the hair to the surrounding hair.

10. How long does it take to see the final results?
Bonded eyebrows begin to grow considerably over the course of 4-6 months after surgery. But you should expect to have bundled eyelashes about 3 to 5 weeks after surgery. This process is normal and after two months the hair will start to grow again. The final results can be expected after 10 months. This means that the growth of the full eyebrows and coverage is clear.

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