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This affects the health of the anal area and causes symptoms such as pain, itching, bleeding during and after the intestinal movements. This happens when the veins around the anus are swollen and the tissues that support these veins are stretching. After this, the walls of the blood vessels are thinned and bleeding. If this tension and pressure continues, the vessels become swollen and bloody.

Although this may be embarrassing to you, according to the Society of Colonial Surgeons, doctors believe that most people experience this condition after 30 years of age. Although these conditions are seen with increasing age, factors such as pregnancy and childbirth, chronic constipation and persistent diarrhea contribute to these conditions. Heredity is another factor. But the created hemorrhoids can be controlled by diet and bathing habits. Fortunately, many hemorrhoids are dramatically improved with simple actions.

Add fiber to your diet.
The American Gastroenterology Association claims that drinking water and eating enough fiber are one of the largest treatments for hemorrhoid masses. Fiber has positive effects. Increasing fiber in the diet can make stomach softening and easier bowel movements and reduce blood pressure inside the hemorrhoids. You can strengthen your diet by eating foods high in fiber or using fiber supplements (such as Metamucil Metamucil, Citrucel Citrus). You should also be sure to drink lots of fluids. High-fiber foods include broccoli, beans, wheat bran and barley, whole grains, and fruits containing high amounts of fiber.

Gently inject fiber into the diet.
The fiber can cause bloating and / or gas, so increase the daily intake of it gently. It is suitable for daily consumption of 25 to 30 grams. As you increase fiber intake, be sure to drink more water.

Make the movements of the intestine smoother.
When you increase fiber and liquids in your diet. Now you have to try to make the gutter movements softer and less effort. For this you can use natural oils or special cream on the market for hemorrhoids. Just add a small amount of it to the area you want. Follow the order in worms.

Do a little exercise
Experts believe that you can regulate your intestinal movements only with mild aerobic exercise or just 30 minutes walking a day.

Do not postpone the time to go to the bathroom.
Do it when you need to drain it. This postponement causes the stool to go back, which will not result in increased pressure and stretch.

Do not stay in the bathroom.
A survey in the UK shows that 40% of people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. If you have hemorrhoids, sitting up is not a good idea. Sitting in the bathroom increases the amount of blood in the anus.

Clean yourself yourself gently.
It is important to clean yourself cleanly and gently. Some toilet paper can scratch the skin or even contain harmful chemicals and aromatic substances. You can use a non-odorless water-soaked white paper bag.

Use the bathtub.
Most experts advise that a 20-minute bath after each bowel movement (2 or 3 times a day) can help to clean the anus and relieve pain and irritation. Sit in a bathtub with 3 to 4 centimeters of warm water.

With all your sensitivity, dry yourself.
After using a bath, dry the anal area by not rubbing or pulling the fabric on it.

Stop flipping your anal.
Hemorrhoids can have itching, and peeling can relieve it. But do not scratch it. By hacking, you may damage the walls of these delicate veins and create even worse things for yourself.

Heavy lifting is prohibited
Performing heavy exercises and removing heavy objects such as intense contractions in the bathroom. If you are prone to hemorrhoids, ask a friend or a person to lift heavy objects.

Use non-prescription hemorrhoid creams.
Worms and hemorrhoids are available on the market and you can use them, but at the same time they will not solve your problems, most of them are designed as local painkillers and can eliminate some of the possible inconveniences. Limit your topical use for 1 week. These creams can make the skin much thinner. Use hemorrhoids in suppository form. Certainly supplements are irrelevant for external hemorrhoids. Even for proper function in internal hemorrhoids, they should go even higher.

Eat berries.
These antioxidants, which are found mainly in darker berries, can prevent the thickness of the arteries creating hemorrhoids. In a study of 120 people with hemorrhoids, it was shown that people who received 500 milligram flavonoids twice daily suppressed the number of hemorrhoidal attacks and decreased their severity.

If you are pregnant, lie to your left.
Pregnant women are especially at risk of developing hemorrhoids, because the uterus directly affects the blood vessels of the hemorrhoid vessels. An essential treatment for pregnancy hemorrhoids lie to the left of the body every 4 to 6 hours


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