What is hair and what should be prevented from creating it

Trichoptylosis is a common problem with Trichoptylosis. In this disease, the end of the hairline is split and divided into two or more parts, then the fissure develops to the root and causes the hair to break and shatter. The hair is actually caused by the damage of the outer covering of the hair, which is called cuticle. Cuticle cells are placed in a healthy hair in a distinct order that likens it to tufted clay, because these cells are arranged with a concise overlap.

Any factor that damages cuticle cells can cause hair loss, including rough and non-standard shampoos, oxidants, hair dye, oven materials, heat from hairdryer, hair and wind, and sunlight. When the hair gets tall, it gets damaged by detergent due to prolonged contact.

Tips for preventing cancer
People with long hair will shorten their hair by about one to two centimeters a year. Use standard shampoos and wash the scalp and the beginning of the stem when rinsing and avoid grasping the end of the hairline.

In any case, the heat is harmful to the hair, use lukewarm water when rinsing the hair. Use hairdryer and hair iron and, if necessary, place the hairdryer in a gentle condition and do not get closer to the hair from a distance of twenty centimeters.
Minimize the use of top-up materials, oxidants, and paint, do not paint them before bleeding, and when the number and length of white hair grows high, do not evaporate; use colors close to your hairpin; Paint to minimize.

Relaxing hair with sea water, wind and sun damage to hair, so limit your hours. When the hairs are painted, they will inevitably be damaged, and you will need to use plasticizers and stamens for better maintenance. This group of hair products is dandruff: Stomatologists put in a bath after shampoo and rinse to shave the hair and rinse them with lukewarm water or cold after a waiting time of 2 to 3 minutes.

The second group has hair creams or special hair masks that, after leaving the bathroom, while the hair is still moist, is dyed hair and shouldered with a coarse shoulder. Cream or hair mask does not need to rinse and remains on the hair.

Factors that make you feel
Hair dryers, hair dryers, hair conditioners, hair loss, hair loss and hair loss.
Deficiency of water: drink plenty of water.
Brushing wet hair: Because hair stubs are tensed and hair damaged.
Use too much clamp and pin head
Exposure to high sunlight
Too much use in alcohol products
Use of hair color and hair coloring
The main reason is the decrease in moisture and fat in the hair. The only way to treat it is to scissor hair. Try to slightly shorten your hair to prevent it every 6 weeks. Acidic or alkaline shampoos, permanent makeup, high staining, excessive decalcification, the use of nylon and metal bristles and sharpened shoulder blades are effective in causing and exacerbating acne.

Treatment is good
Use less than a hair dryer.
Do not use too hot water when washing your hair.
Apply from vegetable oils to your hair.
Use brushes and shoulders made of natural materials (wood, etc.).
Shrink the tips of your hair a few centimeters.
Pour a few drops of ammonia into the pelvis and wash your hair with it.
Treatment with vegetarian method
First, place where the hair does not have hair, then mix it and then crude coffee, raw peas, poppy seeds and rennas. Dip the egg yolks and wash it overnight and wash it in warm water in the morning. After drying, grease the hair with olive oil and pure. Then wrap the head with a cloth or cap eight hours to keep the smell of olive oil in the hair and cause the hair to soften and the hair dries off.

Take 50 gr of Fenugreek and let it soak in the water overnight; then crush the fennel with soy and mix it with some whey; put this mixture on your head and allow it to remain on it for 1 hour. After that, wash your hair with your usual shampoo. This will heal the hair and strengthen the root of your hair. It also prevents hair loss and promotes faster hair growth.

Pour a glass of liquor into three glasses of boiled water and let it go for 10 minutes to slowly pull the tail. After it has cooled down, clean it and apply it to your hair every day. After a short time you will notice that your hair has been treated.

Sesame root
Soak the sesame root in boiling water and let it stay the same for 15 minutes. After that, boil the sesame root for 30 minutes in boiling water and apply a flattened liquid to your hair.

Onion seeds
Put your hair in the boiled onion seed.

Chopped Chamomile Flowering
The flower is also useful once a month for treatment. Mix equal amounts of coffee and raw peas, egg yolk and rice, and spread it in paste form and apply to your hair. Then wash your hair and grease it with olive oil.

Rice bran
Eating boiled boiled rice or rice bran soup will be good with fresh sweet yogurt.

Treatment with traditional medicine
Hair plays an important role in beauty, but it is a problem that causes the appearance of hair to be inconvenient, although it is easy to treat. This problem can be resolved with several types of masks. If these masks are used on a regular basis


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