What to eat for liver cleansing?

The liver is one of the most active organs in the body. Since the number of pollutants and toxins in these days has increased in air and food, the body needs the liver to get rid of them. In this article, we are going to talk about some important liver functions, risk factors for unhealthy liver and the best foods for keeping the liver healthy.

Liver function
The analysis of hormones and medications
Removing old red blood cells
The production of essential proteins
Adjust blood composition
Remove Toxins From Blood Flow
Storing vitamin A, iron and minerals and ...
Possible liver problems
To be able to work properly in the body, the liver should be in optimum conditions. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the importance of having a healthy liver. In addition, most people do not recognize and do not notice problems like liver cirrhosis. Alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis is an acute and serious illness, but alcohol is not the only cause of the disease. Liver diseases may include other causes such as chronic malnutrition, certain drugs, exposure to chemicals, eating raw foods or taking tobacco. According to experts, the following can damage the liver:

All of the simple sugars found in processed foods are causing damage to the liver.

Herbal Supplements
Some herbal supplements may be harmful to the liver if not used with caution and advice from an expert.

Soft drinks
Drinking can increase the risk of liver disease.

Excessive consumption of this drug can damage the liver.

Trans fats
Trans fats are harmful to the liver.

Excessive alcohol consumption
It is best to limit alcohol consumption

12 nutrients that help your liver
Well, now that you know the importance of the liver, it's best to get acquainted with the foods that are useful for the liver.

As you know, this material is a source of vitamin E that can protect against body fat in the liver. Almonds and other nuts are also useful for heart health.

the banana
Banana is rich in potassium, which is why it is included in most diets. Bananas help digestion and help the liver remove poisons from the body.

Blubberry contains nutrients (polyphenols) that protect against body liver disease. Other foods that contain polyphenols include bitter chocolate, olive and plum.

Broccoli also has many benefits for the body. This vegetable is one of the good things for the liver.

The benefits of coffee are often discussed. Studies show that two to three pounds of coffee per day can lower the risk of developing liver cancer.

Green tea
Green tea is full of catechins and can prevent many cancers such as liver cancer. You should, of course, consider that excessive consumption of green tea may be detrimental to the liver.

Various herbs and spices can be useful for the liver. Cinnamon, Cumin, Powder, Organo, Rosemary and Sage are great for liver health.

Joy Two
The two-dimensional atmosphere contains fiber, which makes it more fluid. Research shows that it helps reduce weight and reduces the risk of liver disease.

Raw Vegetables
Eating raw vegetables like beets, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflowers, cucumbers and green vegetables for healthy liver is beneficial.

Spinach is rich in antioxidants and helps the liver function better.

sweet potato
Sweet potato is one of the good potassium. In fact, a sweet potatoes average 700 milligrams of potassium. It is also rich in fiber.

No list will be complete without water. Water is an excellent ingredient for the liver. In addition to helping the liver eliminate toxins, it also keeps you cool for longer periods of time.

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