8. An amazing benefit of orange juice for the health of the body you do not know

The benefits of orange juice for body health
Orange juice is one of the drinks that, due to its taste and refreshing taste, is not anyone who does not like it. But the good news is that this popular drink, in addition to its flavor and refreshment, also benefits from some health benefits. Orange juice is rich in antioxidants, including hesperidine, narytrotin, naranzhinin and erythritic, which prevents each of the antioxidants from harming the activity of free radicals.

Another interesting point to point out in this regard is that eating an orange is better than drinking it.

Also, when you take orange juice, orange sugars are removed from the fiber and easily absorbed by the body, which is why it is recommended that diabetics use the orange itself and avoid orange juice.

In general, due to the high amount of orange juice, it is better not to overestimate those who do not have diabetes. It seems that drinking 150 ml of orange juice a day is enough. If you are satisfied with taking this amount of orange juice a day, consider the benefits of orange juice for body health.

1- Strengthening immunity:
The first advantage with regard to orange and, of course, all citrus is the presence of high levels of vitamin C in them. For example, 8 ounces or 236 ml of orange juice provide 137% of the daily requirement of a man to vitamin C and 165% of the daily requirement of a woman for vitamin C. Vitamin C also has many benefits for the health of the body, from the growth and repair of tissues to maintaining the health of bones, cartilage and teeth. In addition, vitamin C is also an antioxidant and can protect the body against damage from free radicals. This vitamin also helps immune cells, including phagocytes and T cells, and thus enhances immunity.

2. Decreased blood pressure:
Hesperidine in orange helps control high blood pressure. According to a study, drinking 500 ml of orange to overweight middle-aged men helps reduce their blood pressure and boost their heart health.

3. Cholesterol level balance:
Vitamin C, folate and flavonoids in orange juice reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. In addition, orange juice has a positive effect on blood lipids.

4. Improve heart health:
Orange juice is also useful for heart health. For example, as mentioned above, hesperidine in orange juice reduces blood pressure and other substances in it that lower blood cholesterol, both of which are effective in improving heart health. In addition, there is a large amount of magnesium in orange juice. Studies have documented the positive effects of enzymes in reducing heart disease.

5- Useful for smokers:
Orange juice contains a carotenoid called beta-kriptoxanthine in large quantities. The same beta-kriptoxanthine has been shown in several animal studies that can reduce the number of tumors caused by exposure to the chemical substance NNK (NNK is a carcinogen by tobacco smoke).

In addition, it can also reduce the inflammation and shortness of breath caused by the use of cigarettes. Some researchers believe that instead of taking supplements, oranges, squash, or sweet peppers can be used to reduce the risk of developing a lung tumor in smokers.

6. Useful for anemia:
If you follow a vegetarian diet and are exposed to iron deficiency, orange juice can help you to iron out this iron deficiency. Vitamin C in orange juice helps the body absorb iron from plant sources. Of course, orange juice alone is not useful to prevent iron deficiency or to remove it, but you should also take supplements and useful herbs.

7. Preventing the formation of kidney stones:
Research has shown that orange juice is also useful for kidneys. Citric acid in orange juice connects to calcium in the body and prevents the formation of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate stones. In addition, the orange juice causes uric acid reduction. Uric acid is one of the factors that causes kidney stones.

8- Useful for skin:
Orange juice can be useful for healthy and young skin. In addition, due to its high levels of vitamin C, it can protect the skin against UV rays.

Tip and Warning
Before we finish the discussion about orange juice, it's not a bad thing to mention a relatively important point: the benefits mentioned in orange juice are for fresh orange juice and not the orange juice in the stores. Industrial Orange juice is mainly rich in sugar, perfume, artificial flavors and preservatives, and is not only unprofitable but also harmful.

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