The 14 things you forget to put in your traveler's hospital bag.

9 months have passed all the pleasures, pains and events, and now your little traveler intends to step into our world, what can be more pleasurable from your baby's arrival to your world? Closing Saki, who brings you to the hospital when you are giving birth, is one of the areas most mothers prepare before giving birth. The baby bag and mother bag should be lightweight and seamlessly tight so that the baby and mother are not too heavy to put on.

There are a lot of tips on what to put in this bag, but we want to look at the issue that we are likely to forget about them. We asked mothers to tell us what they had forgotten to put in their bags. Some of these may surprise you!

1- Listening
If you went to the hospital for delivery and delivery of your baby overnight, congratulations, you will experience pleasure after your baby's birth. Even though you're tired, you'll be surprised at how difficult it is to sleep in a noisy section. At this time, the listener will come to your help.

2- Slippers
It's very natural that you feel cold after giving birth, on the other hand, hospital staff also do not like to walk you naked, it's true that you have a slippers in your hospital, but you still put it inside your bed, even if you Do not use slippers at home.

3. Added extra gardens
Multi-pack hygiene pad for women with high absorbance in the sachet. Most mothers have pointed out, it's true that there are sanitary pads on the inside of the sack list, but it's better to get these pads as close as possible. When asked about Midwife Clemmie Hooper, she advised us to provide pantyhose equipped with a sanitary napkin for incontinence. These pants are very comfortable and you can then throw them away.

4- Snack
Although provided to you in the food hospital, prepare a snack and snacks for yourself and your spouse. Although hospitals have a snack bar, but they may not be open 24 hours a day, you or your spouse may not like to eat a hospital meal or ask for your favorite meal; in this case, having a light snack is very satisfying. . You may be hungry after childbirth, and the hospital cafe is also closed, so place your unbreakable snacks in your sachet.

5. Headphones
If you have a headphone, you can safely restrict all the other sounds around you and listen to the song you like.

6. Dry shampoo
A dry and waterless shampoo to keep your hair clean is an effective part, and it shows you a smoother, more regular look.

7- comfortable pajamas
Pregnancy, while enjoyable, is a messy experience. Most mothers want an extra pajamas for minutes after childbirth. Most hospitals will have special clothes in your drawer, but if you like to sleep with your own comfort, you can have a comfortable sleeping bag in the bag.

8. Moisturizing lip
The dry gas and air of the hospital can cause a lot of dryness of your lips, but if you carry a wet moisturizer roll that moisturises your lips, you will feel better.

9. Chocolate
This is when eating chocolate is good for you, it seems that your sugar is dropping and your body needs much chocolate. With bitter chocolate that contains iron, it's the best way to raise it. Using chocolate without sugar or sugary candy will keep your mouth moist during pregnancy (your sugar candy will thinnish you)

10. Fan or spray on the face
The weather may be very hot and you feel the need for a fan. With a flask or a spray on your face, it will feel pleasurable.

11th Tel
You certainly do not like the hair that is cluttered and in your face, you are tired of more than this, by not removing the hair from the face with the other teflon, you will not feel tired of your hair on your forehead.

12. Mint gum
Many mothers believed that gas and air had a bad taste in their mouths, causing bitterness in their mouths, eating a piece of mint gum will make your mouth cool and tasty and will make you feel better.

13. Shampoo and softener
If you have a chance to sort your home before leaving the hospital, take your own shampoo and softener.

14. Mobile Phone Charger
After your child's birth, you're so busy taking a picture of him and answering others' greetings when you turn off the phone for a while, so to avoid this unpleasant thing, be sure to bring your phone charger to your hospital.

Your wife is one of the most busy people on the birthday of her child, and probably ends up charging her mobile phone over the course of a day. So, on the day you go to the hospital, put your phone's charger in the sack.

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