Brain surgery may help prevent stroke

Brain imaging advances better doctors to treat patients with stroke. The most common type of stroke is caused by bones that block the blood vessel in the brain. These are ischemic stroke.

Stroke is a medical emergency. When blood can not provide nutrients and oxygen, the brain tissue in this area begins to die. Physicians should restore blood flow to the brain as quickly as possible to reduce their damage.

Some drugs, surgeries and other methods can restore the blood flow. Surgery to remove obstruction, called thrombectomy, has been approved for up to six hours after the stroke. A research team conducted an experiment to test whether it could help up to 16 hours after a stroke.

Using brain imaging technology called perfusion imaging, they identified 182 patients who could benefit from clot surgery after 6 to 16 hours after a stroke. About half of the patients were randomly selected to perform biliary surgery. The other half had standard medical treatment. Patients undergoing surgery were less likely to die. They also became more independent after their recovery. Due to the success of the surgery, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) concluded studying.

"These significant outcomes have an immediate impact and save people from long-term inability or death," said Dr. Walter Corvested, director of the National Institute of Nervous System and NIH stroke.

Following the publication of the study results, the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association issued new guidelines for treatment of stroke.

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Hafez Bari Borachalo

Hafez Bari Borachalo

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