Key points about sexual relations during pregnancy and after childbirth

Sex during pregnancy and after childbirth
Does Pregnancy increase your libido? Establishing sexual relations during pregnancy does not create a problem for the fetus? Is Pregnancy Useful or Harmful During Maternal Sex? Many couples worry that sex during pregnancy has a negative effect on the baby, but you should know that if you have a good pregnancy and no abortion history, you can have a relationship with your doctor during pregnancy and one month after childbirth.

Of course, some doctors recommend that you avoid sex during the last weeks of pregnancy, as it may stimulate seminal hormones in contractions. Here are some common questions for most couples:

Does Sexual Intercourse Prevent Abortion?
Sexual relationships during pregnancy will not provoke abortion. Abortion often occurs because the fetus does not grow naturally.

What is the best sexual position during pregnancy?
Every situation in which you are comfortable, most sexual situations are good during pregnancy. Oral sex is also difficult during pregnancy.

Is it necessary to use condoms during pregnancy?
Genital infections during pregnancy have serious problems for the mother and baby. It's best to observe all hints before sexual intercourse and be sure to use a condom.

At what time should sexual intercourse be avoided?
The mother has an unknown vaginal bleeding.
The amniotic fluid of the fetus disappears.
Your cervix is ​​weak in your tests.
Have a history of preterm labor.
You have had a previous abortion history.
You have a fall in your womb.
Sex after childbirth
The first six weeks after childbirth is called postpartum period. At this time, your desire for sexual intercourse may be reduced. In general, it is recommended that the mother avoid sexual intercourse within the first 4 to 6 weeks after normal delivery or cesarean section. However, consult a physician before starting a sexual relationship again. Most cases, especially in cases of cesarean section, are recommended to wait up to 6 weeks. After delivery, the cervix closes slowly. Having marital relationship very soon, especially in the first two weeks, is not recommended because of the risk of postpartum hemorrhage or uterine infections.

Some women have no desire for marriage up to 6 weeks, some of the reasons are:

the pain
Fear of sex or re-pregnancy
Dry vagina
Postpartum Depression
What are the postnatal conditions of women?
Due to hormonal changes during postpartum pregnancy, many women suffer from vaginal dryness, this is due to breastfeeding in the 4 to 6 week period, due to low levels of estrogen in circulation. . Breastfeeding can also reduce your libido. In addition to lower levels of circulating hormones, it may create painful sexual relationships.
Issues that can reduce postpartum pain include:

Control the penetration depth of the penis with different sexual situations
Increased vaginal lubrication (use of vaginal cream or gel)
Taking analgesic drugs
Bladder drainage
Hot water bath
The size of the vagina changes after the birth of the infant. Typically, this change in size is temporary in the vaginal moment and is related to factors such as genetics, baby size, and the number of previous births. But it's affected by Kegel exercises. During sexual intercourse, the amount of milk in your chest may be reduced due to the hormonal response to orgasm. Try to fix this before sex.

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