9 methods for improving male sexual function

In this article, we will talk about ways that can enhance male sexuality. But before we deal with these issues, it's not worthless to point out that excessive focus on low levels of sexual dysfunction may cause stress and anxiety throughout the day. So, if you are not sexually strong or have any other problem, try not to allow this problem to engender your mind over the day and cause stress on you. Instead, try to use the following methods to gradually improve your sexual power.

Methods of improving male sexual function
The following methods are useful for preventing and treating erectile dysfunction, increasing sexual dysfunction and generally improving overall sexual quality:

1- Focus on playing love:
One of the ways that can be better for both men and women than for sexual intercourse is to play love before sexual intercourse begins. This love game can include touch, kissing and oral sex. Love is so much fun for women as to have a better sex relationship, a study in 2017 showed that only 18% of women arrived at orgasms from the penetration alone, the rest would have to love the game to have orgasms Also experience.

2- Using Start and Stop Method:
Men who think they have early ejaculations and want to have a longer sexual relationship can use the start and stop method. This method means that the man at any time felt that he was ejaculating to stop sexual activity and take a few deep breaths and resume slowly again. This method can prepare the entire body for ejaculation late and allow the man to have a longer sex.

3- Trying new things:
It's better to try new things. If you spend a long time with a partner, sex may become something normal and routine, and it's difficult to be excited, so it's best to always be creative in that relationship to something normal and routine. Do not be To do this, you can try new sex fantasies, or change the location of your relationship.

In this regard, if you can do the following with your partner, they can be useful:

Go to the museum
And ...
These can be useful for better communication with the partner and transfer the connection to the bedroom.

4- Management of stress and anxiety:
Stress and anxiety can reduce sexual performance in men and, in general, cause impotence. Also, if a man feels anxious about improving his sexual performance, this anxiety will make him less excited about sex and less connected with sex.

In the same vein, the following can be helpful:

Sleep better
Focus on body over sex
Spending more time for favorite hobbies
Taking psychiatric medications
5. Smoking cessation:
The use of cigarettes causes diseases and cardiac disorders, resulting in erectile dysfunction. In addition, cigarette smoking is directly associated with erectile dysfunction. An analysis of 13 studies in 2013 showed that smoking cessation often improves libido and reduces erectile dysfunction.

6- Removing relationship problems from the bedroom:
Sometimes relationship issues and problems can be effective in terms of sex and quality. For example, a man who has always been criticized by his partner can not be as fit and proper as he should and maybe. This person has anxiety during sex, and this will also affect sex. In general, try to improve the relationship in the first place and make the relationship not based on criticism but on the basis of intimacy, and then make sure that the relationship problems are always driven out of the bedroom.

7- Exercise and exercise more.
Physical activation can reduce the incidence of heart disease, and heart disease and heart disease, including blood pressure and diabetes, can lead to erectile dysfunction through nerve damage that reduces blood flow to the penis.

8. Use of herbal remedies:
Some herbal medicines can also be useful in improving the sexual performance of the treatment, especially if the erection is in a worrying situation. In 2018, researchers investigated 24 experiments on the effects of herbal medicines on erectile dysfunction, and the result was that ginsing had a significant effect on this.

But there's a point that you should take into account - before you take any herbal remedy you should consult your doctor. Herbal remedies are not produced by official organizations and may interfere with used drugs and cause side effects. So it's best to get them approved before taking them.

9. Use of counseling:
In some cases, erectile dysfunction is entirely due to psychological factors, or better, to be consulted with a counselor. Some of the psychological issues that can contribute to erectile dysfunction include the following:

Social pressures to increase your age or small penis
History of mental health
Referring to an advisor and using his counseling can improve the situation, especially since a man can speak with one person without any embarrassment and embarrassment, and any problem with the mind in relation to this

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