Dry eye in the ambush of office workers

Are your eyes red and inflamed at the end of a day? Word after dying for a few hours on a computer screen becomes dark? These are precisely the symptoms of dry eye. Studies on American and European administrative staff have shown that roughly a third of them suffer from dry eye symptoms. The high-light, dry air and display of your computers at work will increase the risk of dry eye significantly.

Dry eye symptoms
Typically, when your eyes do not produce enough tears to keep it moist and eliminate dust, dry eyes will come to you. Occasionally, it also has an environmental effect that causes your eyes to dry, which may include office spaces. Dry eye symptoms include:

Feeling pain, irritation or inflammation of the eyes
Rinse too much eyes
Visibility of the warp, nose, vision loss
Light sensitivity
eye redness
Reduced tolerance in activities that require long-term visual attention (such as reading or doing computer work)
Eye fatigue
Uncomfortable when using the lens

Causes of dry eye
In addition to office environments, there are several reasons to increase the risk of dry eye. As the age increases, the risk of this complication also increases. Also, special medical conditions, some medications and an inappropriate life style can increase the amount of dry eye.

Factors such as antihistamines, nasal anticoagulants, the use of alternative hormones, contraceptive pills, antidepressants, retinoids, diuretics and blood pressure medications
Allergy that affects your eyes
Reduce blink because of watching a computer screen or electronic device for a long time
Prolonged use of lenses
Complications of autoimmune disorders
Skin Conditions Like Psoriasis or Rosacea
Lack of needed vitamins such as vitamin A or vitamin B12
Cigar and alcohol
Other conditions, such as thyroid disorders and diabetes
Impact of lifestyle and environmental factors on dry eye
You can ensure the health of your eyes by adjusting your home or office properly and eliminating your harmful habits.

1- Drink plenty of water
For some people, having enough fluids during the day can simply reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

2. Eclipse more
More blinking, as well as resting your eyes, help you get better with your eyes during activities that require long-term visual attention.

3. Set your display angle better
If you use screens at your workplace, you will find a great gratitude by lowering the viewing angle. In this way, your other eyes do not have to stay open all the way.

4. Avoid dry air and air pressure from coolers
Use moisturizers to increase the humidity of indoor air. Do not let the air cooler, stove and a variety of smoke hit your eyes. When leaving home, do not forget sunglasses.

5. Use the 20-20-20 rule
Every 20 minutes, gaze at a physically 20 meter distance for 20 seconds.


When should I go to a doctor?
Although the dryness of the eye is often temporary, and most of us may suffer in the lungs of life. But in some cases, you may need to take serious medical care. If dry eye conditions remain untreated in acute conditions, it can lead to corneal injury or loss of vision. If you see the following symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible:

Redness and severe eye swelling
Dry mouth
Blurred vision, drowsiness or loss of vision
View the halo
Dried for a few days
eye infection
If you have recently had laser eye surgery and eye drops, you should consult your surgeon or doctor. If you have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, hepatitis or kidney disease, while experiencing dry eye, you should inform your doctor.

Last speech
If you are suffering from dry eye, be sure to consult your doctor about the causes and options for treatment. Although having dry eyes may be just a minor disorder, care should be taken to prevent the long-term complications.

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