Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods for Chronic Pain or Chronic Cough

What is a cough?

Coughing is a way for the body to swallow air to remove external substances or mucous membranes from the lungs and upper airways or react to an airway. The cough has distinctive features that you can learn and diagnose. Cough is just a sign, not a disease. The importance of your cough will only be determined when other symptoms are evaluated. Cough often occurs with bacterial and viral respiratory infections, but there are other causes for coughing. The cough is supposed to protect you. These are things that are not present in your lungs and joints, such as food. Cold and flu viruses are among the most common causes. For the same reason, coughing triggers your lungs causing more coughing.

Home remedies for coughing:

Drink warm liquids, keep warm in hot weather and use coughing drops. Add a tablespoon of honey to hot tea. Never give honey to a child under one year of age. This can make them very sick. Remove any substances you are allergic to from your surroundings. Use air conditioners to filter air.

What is dumbfounded?

The simplest definition for cataract is that the cough is repeated and uncontrolled. A black cough may destroy the body and even your brain! Making it difficult for you to do everyday tasks. In the language of medicine, blackheads are called pertussis and are produced by bacteria. Communicating with people who are infectious can also infect you. So take care of yourself.


Initially, cataract is similar to cold symptoms. Mild coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever (less than 102 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius) can be symptoms of the disease.

The most commonly encountered complications in a research include:

Weight loss in more than 30% of adults
Non-bladder control in about 30% of adults
Fainting about five percent of adults
Breaking the ribs due to severe coughs in about 5% of adults
What's up with us ?!
Of course, with vaccination, you can significantly reduce the incidence of this complication. An important way to prevent this complication is to inject a vaccine in childhood, and in our country this vaccine is compulsorily carried out.

Chronic cough (also known as catarrh) is a bacterial infection that leads to the nose and throat. It is very easy to spread but with special vaccines it prevents this type of cough in children and adults.

Diarrhea may also be present early. After about seven to ten days, the cough becomes a "magical cough" as if someone were beating and trying to breathe. Since the cough is dry and mucus (which is a slippery substance and plays a major role in ingestion and digestion), it can take up to a minute. Sometimes it can turn your face red or even violet! Most people with blackheads have the above, not all of them.

Nutritionists may not make a weak voice or even cough, or some may vomit. Sometimes adults with this condition have only one cough that does not go away. Chronic cough in infants is dangerous, especially in less than 6 months of age. In severe cases, it may be necessary to go to the AI. If you feel that your child may have it, be sure to check with your doctor. Children under the age of 18 suffer from sore throats with coughing and should always be careful because the cough spell described above can stop breathing. Young people with the above may also need medical care.

If doctors recognize early cough, antibiotics can help cough and other symptoms. They can also help prevent the spread of infection. However, the use of antibiotics in most people is too late.
Do not use anticoagulants, cough suppressants or urination for treatment because they do not work!
If you are so intense in "magical coughing" that you can prevent enough water to drink and suffers from insufficient water, contact your doctor immediately.
A person who sneezes, laughs, smacks or coughs, may inject small droplets containing bacteria into the air and fly through the air. When you breathe in between these droplets, you may become sick.
A chronic cough causes anyone to become sick at any age, and may take 3 to 6 weeks. Even if you have already been vaccinated, you can become ill!

A Few Ways To Cope With Blackberry:

Using vitamin C, garlic, ginger, honey, tea, salt water can help you, as well as try to empty your veins. Get away from allergens. (Allergen means substances that cause severe allergic reactions.)

Perform breathing exercises and exercises. Do not forget the vegetables.

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