Angioplasty and stenting through the wrists or groin? Which one is best for you

Angioplasty and stenting through the wrists and groin
If you are treated with angioplasty and stenting, the catheter is used to open an eyelid or stenosis, and in some cases to apply a stent, which uses two vessels to perform these exercises, femoral that occurs in the groin area There is a thigh or trans radial, which is in the wrist. Angioplasty performed through the wrist is called transgranular angioplasty.

Both methods are safe and effective in many patients. However, according to any medical method, the best method depends to a large extent on the individual medical and personal circumstances of the individual.

Femoral angioplasty or groin
A long history of success, using this method since 1960
There are many experienced and trained doctors in this way.
Suitable for patients with peripheral arterial disease or PAD.
After this procedure, patients should remain lying for 4 to 6 hours.
A long compression process that requires a experienced nurse.
There is a possibility of bleeding in this method
Arriving to the artery to perform this procedure may be difficult, especially if it is necessary to bind or have a bruised patient.
Femoral artery is the only place for self-healing.
Trans radial or wrist angioplasty
The record of success was first performed in the 1980s.
Reduce the likelihood of bleeding in women, the elderly, and people who use blood-thinning medications can be very important.
Less discomfort
No need to lie down for several hours.
You can move as soon as the effects of anesthetic and analgesics are eliminated.
You can eat and drink after doing this.
The wrist artery is not the only source of blood supply.
This method is clinically more difficult because the wrist artery is much smaller.
Only some doctors have the expertise and experience to do this.
As the equipment used for angioplasty and stenting has become smaller, and doctors have learned and experienced to address the technical and complex aspects of working with smaller arteries on the wrist, the technique through the wrist is becoming The first choice is for many doctors and patients.

Talk to your doctor to decide which place is best for you to do this. And if you decide to transradial therapy for you, make sure your doctor chooses to have enough experience to do this. You can ask your doctor for advice.

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