What causes dandruff and how to treat it

Mechanism of disease
Normally, the scalp loses its horny layer due to the layering of the hollow floor and replaces the new layers. This action is a natural and distinct trait and rhythm. If the tracks and velocity of the hair follicles fall from a natural state and exacerbate and accelerate, a condition called dandruff is created. Dandruff is so common that some experts find it natural. So, dandruff is caused by the separation of the outer skin of the scalp and should be treated to treat this condition.


Causes of dandruff
Dandruff for a variety of reasons such as:

Inappropriate nutrition
Excitement, anxiety and stress
Hot and humid air or cold and dry
greasy skin
Sweating greatly
Unbalanced hormones, especially androgens
Excessive use of hair cosmetics
Failure to observe hair care (not regular shampoo, lack of adequate scalp cleaning, shampooing or remaining scalp soap)
Dandruff Yellow:
If your dandruff is oily and yellow, you may have seborrheic dermatitis or saltinen dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis is known as an inflammatory disease that has the potential to be created in parts of the body, such as scalp and facial where there are high levels of fatty glands. It is believed that when seborrheic dermatology is induced, it is associated with some factors, such as fungi and hormones, and even some neurological problems, and should be treated as normal dandruff and treated with anti-saline shampoos. If it is more severe, it may be necessary to prescribe steroids or antifungals.

Is the cause of dandruff, a mushroom?
Fungi There are many people on the scalp, but not all of them are affected by dandruff. Dandruff in different people has different intensities, and this is another reason why some of us have a factor that always causes dandruff, and the other does not dandruff at all. Even in one person, this amount of dandruff varies from time to time. From the old days, scientists believed that thin shells on the head or the drops were created by a small mushroom growing on the scalp. Today, the presence of such fungi has been proven.

Skin inflammation is also an important point. Fungi first reside on the scalp and then on the fat on the scalp. They break down these fats into their own free fatty acids, and even destroy the substances that hinder their growth. This inflammation causes the skin cells to split faster and then provide a good environment for fungal growth. All of these work together, causing faster splitting of the scalp cells and resulting in dandruff.

There are two types of fungi that cause dandruff
Malassezia Westcathea and Malassezia Globusa The only reason everyone has to think that Malassezia furfur is the cause of dandruff, is that the fungus grows on the culture medium. But the other two are more susceptible to growing on animal or vegetable fats and, of course, require human skin fat to grow. At the moment, only fungi are not responsible for dandruff.

Get familiar with some dandruff events
Research shows that the skin of a dry skin can block the pores and this will lead to the formation of weld on your face and if you have a skin that is vulnerable to welding, dandruff can make it worse. So try to keep your hair on your face as much as possible.

Bouts of back
Dermatologists believe that dandruff is one of the most common causes of back burns. One of the best ways to prevent back burns is to treat it as an underlying cause of dandruff.

hair loss
Extreme dandruff does not directly correlate with hair loss, but persistent itching of the skin can lead to it. However, skin inflammation (scalp) can be the cause of dandruff and hair loss.

Dandruff can also lead to psoriasis, a skin condition that can lead to thick red, scaly skin that can reach the rest of the scalp.

eye infection
Research shows that eye patches are one of the common eye infections that occurs due to dandruff. The features of this infection are redness, itching, inflammation of the eyelid, and the formation of skin like dandruff on the eyelashes.

Dandruff treatment using herbal remedies
Pour 4 tablespoons of nettle into a glass of boiling water. After a couple of hours, add a glass of grape vinegar, then massage with your solution and massage it after 45 minutes.

Carrot Oil
Crush a single cotton impregnated with oil and scrub on all parts of your skin and wash your head after a few minutes.

Apple vinegar
You can mix 2 tablespoons of flour and mix 10 tablespoons of apple vinegar and half a cup of grape seed oil and put this mixture on the scalp and take a plastic hat on your head. After a while, rinse your hair.

Wheat bran
Pour the wheat bran into boiling water, then pour it in a thin cloth and press it out to remove the extract. Massage your skin and hair with this extracts.

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