Homemade pregnancy tests along with training on using a baby checker

How does home pregnancy test work?
This pregnancy test measures the levels of hCG hormone in the urine. When a fertilized egg is implanted in the womb, the female body begins to produce this hormone. Most pregnancy tests measure the levels of this hormone and can detect levels of 200 mIU. Of course, the sensitivity of some tests is high and some are low.

Advantages of using homemade pregnancy testing methods
Using homemade methods for diagnosing pregnancy other than simple and low cost can eliminate the concern of purchasing a bike kit. In addition, there is no need to worry about the shelf life of the kit or its expiration.

Pre-test Pregnancy:
To do home-based pregnancy tests, such as check-ups or even natural methods, it's best to get the first morning urine for this purpose. The accuracy of the test result will be greater with this sample. To do this, you need to drink a lot of water to increase the amount of urine in the bladder and feel the pressure it produces.

In the following, there are some home pregnancy test kits that are easily found in any kitchen, and do not require extra time or expense. You can use these materials at any time.

1- Pregnancy test with bleach
This method is more reliable than other methods, and the fastest answer is given in the shortest time possible.

Collect morning urine in a container and add bleach. And mix them well so that there are no bullets of bleach.
If it starts to boil, that is, the person is pregnant, otherwise the pregnant person is not.
Note that the gases emitted from the bleaching agent are hazardous and should not be inhaled. In case of contact with hand, use water and soap to rinse it.


2- Pregnancy test with sugar
Sugar test is the easiest home-grown test and is widely used when there are no commercial pregnancy testing kits called Bibi Checks.

Put a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl. The urine sample should be added to the same amount as sugar. You should consider the type of urine response with sugar. If sugar is easily solved in the urine, that is, there is no pregnancy, and if the sugar is collected in the urine samples, it means pregnancy. The hCG hormone in urine will not allow sugar to be resolved in the urine.
3- Testing pregnancy with toothpaste
How to use toothpaste for pregnancy diagnosis? No matter what type of toothpaste, only whiteness is enough for you to do this test at home.

Add two teaspoons of white toothpaste into a container and then add the urine sample to it. You need to be careful to change the color of the toothpaste. Pregnancy testing will be positive if it gets blue or becomes bald.
4. Pregnancy test with vinegar
Vinegar is a common ingredient in any kitchen that can be used to identify pregnancy. To do this, use a plastic container and white vinegar.

White vinegar should be poured into a plastic container and added to the urine sample. When mixing, the color and other vinegar changes should be taken into account. Changing the color of the vinegar means getting pregnant.

5- Pregnancy test with soap
The best part of this ingredient for pregnancy testing is that you can almost any type of soap, regardless of color, perfume or its type.

Take a piece of soap, so the soap should be large enough to get in your hands. Pour a sample of urine into it and check its reaction.
If the bubble is formed on soap, it indicates that it is pregnant and otherwise it will not be pregnant.
6- Bone Pregnancy Test
Place two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl, add the urine collected, and check the reaction. If you notice a bubble in it, it means a positive pregnancy test.

7- Pregnancy test with salt
This method is the cheapest method than other methods.

To do this, pour some salt into the container and add the morning urine sample. Give it two to three minutes and then check the changes.
The creation of white creamy masses in the gum is indicative of pregnancy and the lack of response is a sign that the pregnancy test is negative.
How to increase the accuracy of home pregnancy testing?
During the urine sample test, you may make a mistake. To avoid such situations, it's best to consider the following points:

Use the first daily urine, because the level of hCG urine is greater.
Using plastic containers to collect urine samples is better.
Collect the appropriate amounts of urine sample because it is less likely to be the right answer.
You need to wait at least five to ten minutes to get the best results.
Household methods of pregnancy testing can be used several times.
It is better not to shake the samples during the test.
How to use Bibi Check?
A general rule for using a baby check is that at least 3 weeks (21 days) after unprotected sex or one day later, the loss of menstrual periods should be used. It should be noted, however, that 7 to 10 days after ovulation, hormonal levels will reach 200 mIU.

To do the test, urine samples should be collected in the morning or used directly from the urine specimen on the test bed. To this end

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