Everything you need to know about skin eczema in newborns

What is eczema?
Eczema is a condition in which skin without fats and oils is suitable for providing an effective barrier and allows allergens (substances that cause allergies) to penetrate the skin and leave it dry and itchy.



What are the symptoms of skin eczema?
If you see dry and red patches on your baby's skin, it may have been affected by skin eczema.

"When a child develops eczema, her skin gets itchy and sometimes becomes scaly," says Dr. Mary Glore, a dermatologist at the hospital. You may also see that your baby is wandering, her sleep is very low or Fat and greasy.

What Causes Skin Eczema?
Many children inherit this skin disease, so if your child experiences eczema, check your family history. However, the diet of your child and his or her environment can also be the cause of the disease.

Professor Simon Murch of the Royal Children's College says: "In some infants, exposure to foods such as milk, eggs and wheat causes an allergic reaction, and this reaction leads to skin eczema."

Cosmetics and flushing powder containing perfume and sulfate that produces foams, dust and pet are among the other things that can cause skin eczema.

What should we do to treat skin eczema?
Mild eczema can be treated with moisturizing creams that prevent skin drying. Most infants with eczema need to moisturize skin a few times a day. Moisturizing prevents excessive dryness of the skin. "Steroid creams help reduce inflammation, but without a prescription, the doctor can not afford it, and even the use of these worms should be done under the supervision of a dermatologist." The use of appropriate steroid cream based on the severity of eczema is very important. .

When you want to shower the baby, never use soap, and also reduce the number of baby baths. The baby's bath should be warm with warm water and then use a moisturizer and skin softener after bathing.

Wearing soft clothes and not wearing thick-coated clothing is another way of improving eczema. Also, always shorten the nails, because with itchy nails, it can cause infection and skin damage. In case of itching, the location of eczema can cause skin infections.

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