What is HGB in the blood test?

What are these parameters in bench test?
Measuring the overall amount of hemoglobin is a kind of indicator of the number of red blood cells. The normal amount for men is between 14 and 18 grams per deciliter and for women it is between 12 and 16 grams per deciliter.

Risk Level: Hemoglobin levels below 5 and above 20 are considered critical and will require immediate treatment. Hemoglobin is one of the main elements of the formation of red blood cells, which combines with oxygen and carries it in the blood.

This substance, in which iron is used, has several places to combine with oxygen. Hemoglobin combines it with high oxygen levels and releases it in a low oxygen environment. Measuring the total amount of hemoglobin is a marker of the number of red blood cells.

What causes low hemoglobin?
The same reasons that reduce red blood cells, also reduce the amount of hemoglobin that is destroyed. Anemia, severe hemorrhage, cancer, malnutrition, lupus, kidney disease, and enlargement of the spleen reduce hemoglobin. Consumption of antibiotics, aspirin and indomethacin as well as anticancer drugs reduce blood hemoglobin levels.

What increases hemoglobin?
Pulmonary problems, severe burns, chronic lung failure, and excessive loss of body water (dehydration) increase the amount of this vital substance. Gentamicin and methyldopa drugs also increase hemoglobin.

Important notes about hemoglobin:
The amount of hemoglobin decreases in pregnancy, because although hematopoiesis is a bit higher, but the volume of fluid in the body and blood is high and the total amount of hemoglobin decreases per deciliter.

Living at high altitudes also causes more hemoglobin production due to the greater need for oxygen for the body and the lack of oxygen in the environment.

In the spleen, most of the old blood cells are destroyed. Enlargement of the spleen, ie, further destruction of the cells, followed by reduction of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

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