Possibility of treatment of severe ocular deviations

Signs and distortions of the eye
Disrupting the coordinates of the muscles of the two eyes results in loss of alignment of the eyes and deviation or strabismus. In this case, there is usually only one eye visible in most cases. The expert pointed out that the most common kind of aberrant vision is the black eye closeness to each other, which is referred to as intravaginal or asothropic, said the treatment includes a complete correction of refractive error with glasses and stimulation of the lazy eye to see through the closing of a healthy eye. Clock per day and diabetes, high blood pressure, head trauma, tumor or stroke, high blood pressure and thyroid gland diseases are the cause of deviation in adults.

Treatment of severe ocular deviations
Dr. Rostami, a specialist and eye surgeon at the Babil University of Medical Sciences, reported a 50-degree ocular deviation and improved the quality of life of a 40-year-old woman and the possibility of treatment for severe ocular deviations. Dr. Roustaie said six muscles in the eye are responsible for the movement of the eye.

He continued: "Very severe eye loss in one eye, as well as childhood deviations, are also common causes." Dr. Roustai said: "If the deviation is caused by transient or curable reasons, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or neurological diseases, then there is no need to treat eye muscle surgery, but otherwise the main treatment is surgery."

"If the laziness is not exaggerated or very severe, long-term surgical results and maintaining eye alignment are highly desirable," he added. The expert said: "Correcting the deviation in addition to improving the individual's appearance, reducing the symptoms of fatigue of the eyes, as well as improving the understanding of the depth or vision of the three-dimensional, and eye strain also improves feelings, self-confidence, socioeconomic conditions and, in total, Improving the quality of a person's life.

"If there is a medical problem and anesthesia is prohibited, surgery can be done under local anesthesia," he said, noting that there is no age limit for surgery. Also, Dr. Roustaie, referring to the disease, who referred to the Mignage Hospital with severe deviation, said the 40-year-old woman referred to the (horizontal) eyes with more than 100 prisms and almost 50 degrees with a vertical deviation of the left eye from childhood. During the initial examinations, they were candidates for surgery.


The eye specialist continued: 3 muscles from the left eye and 2 muscles from the right eye of the patient during two stages of surgery and two weeks after the second surgery, the eyes of the patient were perfectly aligned and the patient got his binocular vision for most hours of the day. And given the lack of laziness in the eyes and the return of binocular vision, the long-term patient's perspective of staying close to the eyes is excellent.

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