Why do some headaches occur behind the eye or bowl? Along with the causes and treatment

Headaches are commonly felt in several areas of the head, including the temporum, sinuses, forehead and back of the eye. Eye pain with headache can occur due to several types of headache and other unreliable conditions. But regardless of the cause of these types of headaches, they can be classified as mild, moderate to severe.

Headache behind the head due to tension headaches
One of the most common causes for a headache behind the eye, or headache, is tension headaches. This type of pain can cause headache in the back, neck pain, and forehead. Nonetheless, tension headaches can be triggered by other causes, such as dry eye or eye pressure. These types of headaches can be managed with eye drops and frequent breaks when working with computers.

Headache behind the eye due to cluster headaches
Although this is more rare than tension headaches, cluster headaches are one of the causes that can cause pain in the bowel. This emotional pain, such as a burning sensation or a shot in the area, usually occurs in the back of the bowel. A person who is exposed to a cluster headache may experience eye inflammation, redness, and contraction.

Headache behind sinusitis
Sinusitis is a condition in which sinus cavities are inflamed and cause sinus headaches. This inflammation can cause excess pressure behind the eye bucus and cause pain in these areas. For sinus related diseases, it is recommended to treat related infections to reduce pain and pressure in the head and back of the eye.

Headache behind the eye caused by migraine
Migraines are commonly referred to as pressure or pain in the eye bowl. Compared to common headaches, these types of headaches can worsen over time, even if they are likely to last a few hours or a few days. A migraine headache can be so horrible that it can disrupt the process of life. In addition to the pain of the eye bowel in migraine headaches, there is the possibility of experiencing such things as light allergy, eye pain, dizziness, nausea, weakness, vomiting, visual impairment, mood changes.

Headache behind the eye due to eye diseases and vision problems
Sometimes these types of headaches have ocular causes and should be treated by these areas. For example, a person with vision problems, such as myopia and myopia, can experience this kind of eye pain because the brain and eyes are trying to improve the vision of a weakened person.

Other causes with low probability for headache are:

1. Scleritis
This occurs when the outer lining of the eye becomes inflamed.

2. Visibility
This condition occurs when the optic nerve is inflamed.

3. Glaucoma
In this case, the pressure inside the cavity increases and causes glaucoma. Some of these factors are:

alcohol consumption
Exposure to strong scent
loud noises
Sharp light
Hormonal changes
Lack of sleep
How to treat the headache behind the eye
Light exercises can partly help reduce these types of pain. Because exercise secretes analgesic hormones such as endorphins. Non-prescription painkillers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen will somehow help reduce these pain.

Ultimately, the exact cause can determine the treatment route. Drugs such as antidepressants, muscle relaxants are those that are likely to be prescribed by the doctor in these situations. In addition to all of the above, avoiding spicy foods, the acoustic and olfactory contamination and consuming caffeine substances can be effective in preventing this type of pain.

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