Fungal disease Sporotrichosis What is sporotrichosis?

The fungal infection causes wounds and abscesses in the skin, although it may also affect the lung, bone and brain. Farmers and gardeners are more infected, especially rose-gardeners. Sputorecrosis is not contagious in humans and is more common in men. Diagnostic tests can include antibody testing and laboratory culture of pus caused by lesions (sputum, articular fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid).

It can usually be treated with treatment within 1-2 months after the recovery of the lesions, but it may take 7-6 months to recover. The rate of fatal outbreak in people with immune deficiency is high.



Common Symptoms:
A small, moving, and painless nodule appears below the skin of your fingers. The nodule is enlarged slowly, becomes pissed and wounded. Within days or weeks, glandular nodules appear along the lymphatic drainage area of ​​the area. If the causative agent fungus reaches the lungs, the cough begins with a sputum (rare). Unlike other fungal diseases that cause fever, chills, general unpleasant appetite and appetite, there are usually no other symptoms.

Treatment with antifungal drugs is fluconazole, itraconazole and amphotericin B. In cases of pustular nodules in the lungs and bones, surgery is necessary.

Causes of the disease:
Infection with a fungus known as sputum spores, which live in soil, marsh marsh, weed and organic vegetables.

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Mahboubeh Zaferani

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