Get familiar with the important recommendations for eyebrow implantation and the implications of unproductive use

For those who have gone beyond arched point to grow their brow eyebrows, you may consider eyebrow implanting. We'll tell you what you can expect about this method, good, bad, and even some of them ugly.

If you do not have eyebrows, you will not really have a face and there are a few people who look attractive without eyebrows.

Eyebrow tweezers
Eyebrow planting is a method that permanently restores and changes eyebrows. This is intended to improve the appearance or repair of any blemish-related beauty problems, but it should also be understood that this perfection will not be realized. Eyebrows are siblings and they are not together. It also shows that the implantation of the hair on the principle of creating a real result.

In a brow eyebrow, donor hair is usually seen from behind as a regular hair extension method. The donor hair can also be removed from other parts of the body, if it is not possible to remove it from the head. The hair grows differently from those that grow on the forehead. Eyebrows have hair that grows like individual strands to follicular units that contain one fourth of hair. Therefore, hair outside the donor area should be divided into individual hair grafts using a high-power microscope.

Each of the petitions is placed on the recipient sites provided by the surgeon. Since the eyebrows grow at a steeper angle than the skin, this process requires a lot of skill and expertise. The surgeon must also be able to determine the natural curve of the hair to follow the curve of the eyebrow. The eyebrow line must also be adjusted in such a way as to cross, especially in the interior, to mimic the natural appearance of the eyebrow.

Benefits of Planting Hair
These eyebrows correct the anxious and uplifting appearance.
This allows those genetically predisposed to lose their eyebrows to enjoy their fully restored brow brow.
It helps to improve the body image of those who are traumatic, injured, burned, aging, thyroid problems, or some diseases that have lost their eyebrows.
Will use your hair and give you a natural look.
This method is generally the safest method with minimal complications.
This is a better choice than having an eyebrow tattoo because its result is more natural compared to the stretched appearance.
This method provides long-term results.
Wounds are not visible. The only small scratch is on the skin, but only a few days after this, the skin becomes healthy.
New eyebrows will make your face better.
Eyebrow planting problems
With a small area to be covered, this method actually takes a significant amount due to the care and care that is required when adjusting each hair transplant.
Unlike hair transplantation, where dander hair is removed from the scalp and completely removes the hair from the recipient's premises, placing it in the eyebrows shows a different appearance, texture and even the growth rate. Over time, new hair will be able to adapt to your new environment and features, but never completely in line with your original hair.
You may have to correct the new hair regularly because it may grow up very fast in the first few months. This is because the hair growth cycle grows faster than eyebrows, because the eyebrows grow only about four months.
Scars may be visible in the donor area, which can cause a problem if you prefer to wear your very short hair.
Given the time and expertise that should be put in this way, it can force you to get more than ordinary eyebrows.
You may experience hair loss for two weeks after surgery. It may be that you return to the days before the surgery, but this is quite natural. Then the new hair begins to grow, and this time it's stronger and healthier than before.
Scary facts
In some cases, hair dyeing practices, especially those that are performed solely for cosmetic purposes, are not included in the insurance policy.
You should find a really good surgeon and go to the surgeon. Otherwise, you can spend your money with unfavorable results. To do this, always look for someone who is an educated and expert specialist.
Due to the time and expertise required for this method, costs for many people are huge. That is why some prefer other options, although they may not provide similar natural results.
You can not pay for the first time. Eyebrows are at the center of the human face, so be sure that this work is done only by the correct surgeons. Any mistakes will certainly not be ignored and you will pay more for the reform.
Eyebrow tattooing is a very promising way of saying this, considering the number of satisfied customers who have gone to it. This way of improving your face can increase your self-esteem. True, this can be something that is worth his money.


10 Important Tips To Know Before Ejection Surgery.
When we look at our character, we rarely understand the beauty that creates our eyebrows. They make us look like human beings and define our looks, but sometimes we can lose importance when we lose it.

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