Everything about the disease, or (abnormal skin dryness), symptoms and treatment

Everything about autism or (skin dryness), symptoms and treatment
Ichitious or ichthyosis is a genetic disease in which the skin is strangely dusky and scaly and very thick. "ichty" means fish, and the term "dry skin" is a skin-like form of skin. But how is the disease treated? This disease is inherited and begins from childhood. In rare cases, it also occurs in adults. There are currently no known treatments for this disease, but regular use of moisturizers can relieve it to some extent.

Tips on Illness
There are over 20 types of this disease.
About 1 in 250 people suffer from it.
The disease is due to a genetic mutation.
The disease does not appear to have any signs in newborns, but symptoms appear after 1 to 2 years.
The disease disappears during puberty and adulthood.
This condition is due to repeated baths and the use of chemicals in adults.
Adults may be affected by the thyroid gland, or cancer

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What is an Ichthyosis or severe dry skin?


Acquired Actio
The disease is actually inherited from the skin, which is dry and laminate. The disease is actually associated with infectious diseases. Acquired actiniasis usually occurs during puberty, and the skin of the skin is severe. These are more of the upper limbs.

In this case, the doctor carries out a small sampling of the shells and sends it to the lab. If the disease is confirmed, the treatment should be done as soon as possible. Genetic testing is often used to diagnose the disease.

In this disease, skin cells that are constantly drying constantly become thicker and thicker. These cells then move to the surface of the skin and there it is fixed.
This situation can also be caused by:

Use of certain medications
The gene
Having a disease that affects the entire body.

Common causes of acquired actinosis are:
Thyroid dysfunction
Lymphatic drainage problems
Liver problems and kidney failure
Use of cancer drugs
Nicotine-containing drugs
Aktiousis affects the skin of the pelvis and the head and organs.

Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this disease. The only way to treat it is to remove the skin from the body and use hydrating moisturizers. Other treatments include:

Moisturize your skin in salt water or bath in salty water
Rub on the skin under the shower
Use of moisturizers that contain pure chemicals such as glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyacetic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or urea.
In more severe cases, the use of oral vitamin A pills, such as aitritin or isotretinoin, to reduce the production of skin cells
Use of non-alcoholic cleansers or lotions and irritants
Use of masks that increase skin hydration.
Skin peeling
The peeling of the skin causes the hydration to increase and the percentage of scaling of the body is reduced.


Some easy ways to reduce the complications of this disease are:
Use of cool and dry air
Reduce the duration of showering
Reducing bathing times
Avoid rough or fragrant soaps, detergent, body wash, shampoo and air conditioning
Use the moisturizer immediately (within 3 minutes) after shower or bath
After moisturizing, cover the skin with a thin, hygienic plastic to sweat during moisture.
Avoid dry and cool environments
Protect skin from wind or cold
Avoid highly polluted environments that interfere with normal skin pH.
Avoid using mineral water on the skin that interferes with the pH of the skin.
The use of sunscreen on the moisturizer is great.
Avoid sunbathing or tanning using a solarium
Avoid going to pools and hot tubs that contain chemicals like chlorine.


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