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1- Therapeutic Ways for Heart Diseases - Arrhythmia Arrhythmia
Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias or irregularities in the palpitations of the heart depends on the type and severity of arrhythmias. In some cases, for arrhythmia, no cure is needed. Treatment options include medications, lifestyle changes, electrical appliances or surgeries.

Arthritis drug treatments include:
These drugs are sodium blockers. They should be taken under the supervision of the doctor, as they may lead to new arrhythmias.

Mexiletin (mexiletin)
Lidocaine (lidocaine)
Flexaine (flecainide)
These drugs are prescribed for severe tachycardia or severe heart disease.

Atenolol Atenolol
Propranolol Propranolol
Metoprolol Metoprolol
This drug can be dangerous in people with asthma. So, it's better to inform the doctor of your illness. The following medications can be used to control the pressure and relieve coronary heart disease. Sometimes it is also prescribed to treat tachycardia.

Verapamil Verapamil
Adenosine Adenosine
Digoxin Digoxin
Electrocardiography Electrical cardioversion
In patients with persistent or irregular arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation), palpitations may not be treated with medication alone. In this case, cardiography is prescribed by the doctor. The cardiography is performed by the doctor in the operating room and is done by an electrocardiograph. This device contains electrodes placed on the skin. These electrodes record heart beats on a chart. The chart you see is an electrocardiogram.


Catheter catheter catheter ablation
This type of catheter is tall and delicate and flows through the arteries to the heart to detect the location of arrhythmias. After that, the catheter or catheter enters the other vessel and transmits it through the radio waves. After the wires become slightly warm, these arrhythmias disappear.

Use Implantable Devices Implants
Heart pacemaker pacemaker
This device is used in patients with bradycardia (abnormal heart rate). This is an artificial device that is surgically placed inside the heart tissue. The electrodes in this device work with the battery and cause heartbeat. This device is placed in the patient's body with full or local anesthetics in the operating room.

Coronary Bypass Surgery
In the event of severe cardiovascular disease, in addition to arrhythmias, the doctor may perform vascular bypass surgery. In this way, one arm or leg is taken. They attach one vessel to the artery and the other to the coronary artery. Blood flows from the new path to the heart and prevents shortness of breath.


2- Treatment of congenital defects
Catheterization of catheterization or angioplasty
As in the previous case, the thin tube called the catheter into the arteries and, using X-rays, will monitor it on the monitor. Other names for this type of treatment are angiography and angiogram.

Open heart surgery
Depending on the condition of congenital defects, surgery may be the last treatment. Many congenital heart defects are treated using open heart surgery. In open heart surgery, the chest should open. This type of surgery consists of small incisions between the ribs and the like.


3. Coronary artery disease
Due to the accumulation of cholesterol in the veins, it does not allow the blood to enter the heart correctly and the heart is damaged, including signs of that chest tightness and palpitations.

Prescribing an anti-fats to the body
Prescribing aspirin for dilution of blood
Angiotensin inhibitors
Mitral regurgitation
In this disease, the mitral valve does not close and the blood returns to the heart again. The veins do not have enough blood to pass through, and the first signs of it will be anesthesia.

Prescribing diuretics
Administration of blood thinners such as metroral and aspirin
Prescribing low blood pressure medications
Surgery and repair of mitral valve
4. Cardiomyopathy
This disease causes changes in the heart muscle and this changes the ability of the heart to pumping a little difficult. It usually comes with high blood pressure.

Planting heart pacemaker
Nitroglycerin (high blood pressure medication)
Low salt diets
Low blood pressure medications

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