What is Morelone Syndrome?

Morgellons Disease or MD is a rare disorder in which the patient suspects healing wounds under several fiber strands. Some people who have this syndrome experience crawling, biting, or pruritus on the surface of their skin or below it.

This disease has not yet been well known. The doctors believed that the ulcers were due to sudden and compulsive itching, and the source of the fibers contained in it was the same as those of the clothes.

Morelon syndrome may affect the life of the affected person and disrupt it. Worse, the fact that this condition is worse for people with Morelone syndrome is that the disease is unknown, doctors have not been working on it anymore, and its source and treatment are still under discussion. This causes the person and even his doctor to be confused and the result of such a state of stress and anxiety will be the patient's illness.

History of Moorlen syndrome
In the seventeenth century, a severe pain was detected in the thick hair behind a child, and this unknown name was named Moorlon. In 1983, physicians chose Deludional parasitosis for a type of skin rash, because they suspected that the feeling of itching, a feeling sometimes created with the impression of an invasion of the body, is a false sense.

The problem of fiber ingrowing was again raised in 2002. At that time, the condition was similar to the feeling of itching of the skin and was named Moorlingen syndrome because of its similarity to the preceding ones, but some doctors did not agree with this naming, and since the source of the disease was unknown, they accepted it with the same name as Deludional parasitosis.

Since 2013, researchers have found a link between the Moorland syndrome and tick-born bacteria. If their hypothesis is correct, they should consider Morelon syndrome as an infectious disease, not a mental illusion.

Symptoms of morgen's disease
Feeling crawling on the skin of the skin is also a common feeling in people with this disease. Feeling picked up and biting is another sentiment that people experience with Morgan's disorder.

Other symptoms of this disease are very similar to Lyme disease:

Joint pain
Loss of short-term memory
sleep disorder
Who gets the Morelon syndrome?
More than 14,000 families are somewhat affected by the disorder, according to the Moorlon Research Foundation. In a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which included 3,200,000 people, the prevalence of this syndrome was 3.65 per 100,000.

Another similar study shows that Morelone syndrome is more common in white people and middle-aged women. Another study of the following people is susceptible to the disease:

People with Lyme disease.
People at risk of exposure.
People who have a blood test show that they have been stabbed by a tick.
People with hypothyroidism.
Evidence suggests that Morelon's disease is prevalent by ticks and is therefore not likely to be contagious. According to observations, people who do not have this syndrome but live in a family that some of them have Morelone, rarely show signs of the disease. The fibers and skin that are dried and shed in people with this disease may irritate the adjacent skin, but they will not infect the morgen's disorder.

Why is the condition of Morgenlong syndrome controversial?
The disease is controversial because it is not well-known, there is no consensus on the causes of it, and the experiments conducted on those suffering from it have so far been very limited. Perhaps this is why it has put the disease in the category of psychiatric diseases.

Although in recent years many doctors have concluded that the disease does not have a root cause, it is an infection and should be excluded from the list of mental illnesses.

There is even a dispute about fiber. People who consider Morelon syndrome as a mental disorder consider fiber as the fiber of clothing, but other doctors believe that these fibers are produced due to infection in the patient's body cells.

How is Morelon's disease treated?
As mentioned, there is no definite treatment for the disease, because the disease itself is not as known as it should be. But many doctors prescribe a large amount of antibiotics for long periods of time with people with this condition.

It is advisable to treat it as soon as possible if the person has stress, anxiety or any other mental illness. Some physicians who consider the origin of the disease mental, prescribe psychiatry and therapies to treat it.

Of course, it should be noted that the notion that the symptoms of the disease are related to psychological problems, and the lack of a referral to the doctor for treatment, may worsen the situation and intensify the symptoms. In any case, seeing symptoms of Morelone syndrome is an urgent need to see a doctor.

Apart from this, it is advisable not to use worms, pills, lotions, and other products sold in cyberspace to treat the disease before consulting a doctor, as most of these products are expensive and, most likely, counterfeit. .

Ending speech
As we said, Moorlen syndrome is a rare and unknown disorder. For this reason, the person who is afflicted with the disease is exposed to many other problems, such as social rejection, depression, confusion

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