Everything about dry skin and itching, causes and symptoms along with natural remedies

Dermatological Disease, Symptoms and Treatment
Dry skin is caused by environmental factors that can be controlled at least to some extent. These factors include: hot or cold weather, low humidity and hot water baths. Dry skin symptoms and symptoms vary depending on your age, your health status, your place of residence, and your outdoor time. Dry skin may cause the following symptoms:

Scaling or intense skin layering
Redness and irritation of the skin
Deep cracks that may bleed
Use of moisturizing and hydrating creams is very helpful in solving this problem.
The cause of dry skin
Eczema or atopic dermatitis is the most common cause of skin dryness and itching in children. Eczema affects 1 out of 5 infants and affects one in every 50 people in adults. Eczema often develops over time. People with eczema should be careful because they are more affected by skin infections.

Allergic reaction can cause skin dryness and itching. Allergic reactions can occur with clothing, pets, chemicals, soaps and materials such as toothpaste and cosmetics. Food allergies also cause skin itching. If people have a hypersensitive reaction to a specific substance, one of the easiest things to do is to avoid contact with this product or substance. A strong hydration cream will help solve this problem.


Home Remedies for Dry Skin
Baking Baking Sweet
A 30-60-minute baking soda bath and warm water are excellent for treating this condition. Add a cup of boiling water to a hot tub. After bathing, it is important to gently dry your skin with a towel.

A mixture of oats and water cooling and soothing. 2 ounces of oatmeal in a bath and sit in it for half an hour. Try not to use too much water because it stimulates the skin and causes more dryness and itching.

cold water
A cool shower or bath or even an ice pack can be an immediate remedy for itching of the skin.

Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar is an excellent anti-dry skin remedy. Add two or three cups of vinegar to the bath water and stay there for 15 to 30 minutes.

Milk and honey
Milk has high anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a nourishing substance that absorbs dryness and itching from the skin. This excellent ingredient can be used topically and orally for skin rejuvenation.

Therapeutic oil
The oils have excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, and are very practical for dry skin. You can add them to the water bath or apply directly on the skin. Some of these excellent oils include coconut oil, olive oil, basil oil, chopped leaf oil, Columbia oil, chamomile oil, Chickweed oil, Clove oil, Juglode oil, Lavender oil, Pea oil, Rosemary oil, Olive Oil Avocado, peppermint oil

Lemon juice
Lemon juice can be applied directly to the skin. If you have a wound, you should not use it because it doubles the stimulus.

coconut milk
Coconut milk not only reduces dryness of the skin, but also helps fight dark spots and red spots. Rub it on face and body and wash it 24 hours later.

Dry fruits
Deficiency of vitamins A, B, E causes dry skin. Dry fruits are excellent for moisturizing skin. The use of dried fruits can be effective in treating very dry skin.

The frozen berry contains many anti-inflammatory substances that treat dry skin. Mix 5 tablespoons of strawberries with 3 teaspoons of clove and let it cool and then apply to the skin.

Glycerin is an enemy of dry skin. This oil is an excellent coolant and is therefore used in soap products and skin care products. Mix it slightly with lemon and apply to your body.

Drink more water
Drinking a lot of water to maintain hydrated skin is very effective. In addition, the water helps to remove toxins through the urine. Toxins in the body may cause irritation and itching.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol
Alcohol and drinks that are high in caffeine cause dehydration and can make it worse, if you have acne and boil, do not take caffeine and alcohol. Try to use green tea and other natural beverages to keep the symptoms from getting worse.

Use Incense
Ingredients moisturize your skin. Try to use air purifying and moisturizer at your home and office to improve skin dryness.

If you fight dry skin or live in low humidity, using a moisturizer can be a great solution to absorb moisture. In the winter, try to protect your entire body with clothing. In addition, wearing gloves can help protect the skin

Use natural fibers for clothing. Natural fibers like cotton and silk allow the skin to breathe and moisturise properly, while others, such as wool, can irritate the skin. Also consider detergent that does not contain irritating items such as colors and perfumes.

And at the end, it's best to consult a dermatologist, a dermatologist may prescribe a hydrocortisone cream or similar medications.

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