Important and dangerous factors for the heart

Watch TV

When you spend a lot of time on the TV, you are at risk of a heart attack. Exercise too is not a clear reason for sitting long against the TV. Even heavy and heavy exercises can not afford to pay for these dangers. If you are at the front of the television, you are a computer engineer, or have any jobs and conditions that you have to spend a lot of time sitting on, be sure to stand up frequently and exercise soft exercises to balance your blood flow.

mental illnesses

Stress and depression, and bad mental states, provide inadequate conditions for your heart. Those who try to conceal these emotions will have a greater risk of lurking them. If you have any mental problems, be sure to check with your doctor.

Do you snore?

Do you snore?

Snoring is a symptom of apnea, an obstructed sleep that sleeps during sleep, and respiratory problems appear.

This problem affects blood pressure and also causes heart disease.

Dental floss will always be with you!

There are many relationships between oral and dental problems and heart problems. Make sure you use dental floss to prevent plaque from forming on your teeth.

Regular exercise

Usually, people over the age of 40 are excitedly excited and are hurting themselves as a result of their lack of knowledge of the rules of the sport, and thus hate the sport. Make sure you have a solid, sustainable program. Stability of exercises is very important and of course you have to start with light sports and after some time you can prepare yourself for long and hard exercises.

Do not overeat

You also know that overweight and obesity are one of the most important causes of heart disease. A large percentage of women and men are facing overweight. Add fewer meals and increase the number of meals. Do not eat high-fat or even sugary foods.

The incident does not announce!
Heart troubles, as you know, are very suddenly infected by many people.

Eat red meat as much as you need!

Eat red meat as much as you need!

Red meat should be fed into the diet. Red meat has saturated fatty acids, and according to studies, processed meat can increase the risk of heart problems. Of course, we do not mean eating red meat, try to avoid fatty portions.

Do not smoke!

Have you heard or said this sentence! Cigarette is one of the most important factors in heart disease. The blood clots of the smoker increase and thus the blood does not flow to your heart. Even if you are sitting next to a smoker, you are at risk of developing a dangerous heart disease.


Drug use has a lot of side effects. Even if you are eating your pill, you are at risk of heart disease. Be sure to eat your medication right away. There are many types of medications for hypertension, so choose the one that's right for you.

Other causes of heart disease:

Use of salt in large quantities
High consumption of high-calorie foods
Physical and physical weaknesses
Lack of access to vegetables and fruits



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