Garlic and Cholesterol; Does Garlic Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

Garlic and Cholesterol; Does Garlic Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

Garlic is one of the popular drugs among those who tend to have alternative medicine. But among those who tend to have modern medicine, the trend is not very popular. The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of garlic have been clarified to everyone, but what we will be discussing in this article is the association of garlic and cholesterol. Among cardiovascular diseases, it's been found that garlic has the ability to reduce the level of oxidative stress and possibly blood pressure, but now we want to see each other whether garlic reduces cholesterol levels in the body? In order to answer this question, we will use the result of several studies and experiments. Come along with us to look at the relevance of garlic and cholesterol to new scientific studies and experiments.

Garlic and Low Cholesterol (LDL)

The result of a study showed that garlic extract can reduce more than 7% of total body cholesterol. Additionally, in this study, when men with hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol levels) received garlic extract and consumed garlic extract, their LDL cholesterol levels decreased by 10%.
Another study showed that garlic powder (400 mg garlic / 1 mg allicin) for 6 weeks can reduce total cholesterol levels and reduce cholesterol levels by 17%. Consumption of garlic powder for 6 weeks can reduce the level of triglyceride to 6%.
Another study on animals showed that the consumption of preserved garlic extract not only reduced the level of total cholesterol and bad blood cholesterol, but also reduced triglyceride levels.
Of course, another study suggests that we should only expect a reduction in total cholesterol levels of 4 to 6 percent after taking garlic extract, and not more.

Garlic and high cholesterol levels (HDL)

While according to studies, it has been somewhat known that garlic has the potential to lower the level of bad blood cholesterol, some other studies have good news that garlic has the ability to increase the level of good cholesterol. For example, several studies have shown that taking garlic extract for 6 weeks increased the level of good cholesterol by 15%. Another small study shows that there is a good cholesterol level after 4 months of consumption of garlic in people with hypercholesterolemia.

Short-term effect of garlic on cholesterol level

As the results of the studies suggest, the effect of garlic on long-term cholesterol does not seem to be. It seems that garlic should continue to be consumed with long-term effects on cholesterol. For example, a study showed that after 8 to 12 weeks of consumption of garlic both in total cholesterol levels and in the level of bad blood cholesterol in humans, there was a significant decrease, but this decrease was observed 6 months after consumption of garlic Can not be seen.

The effect of garlic on cholesterol depends on your current cholesterol level
It seems that the current level of cholesterol in the body can affect the association of garlic and cholesterol. For example, the result of a study showed that the effect of garlic on cholesterol in people with total cholesterol levels greater than 200 mg / dl is better than those whose initial cholesterol levels range from 250 to 300 mg / dl. It therefore seems that the association of garlic and cholesterol in the body also depends on the level of the current cholesterol in the body. Of course, this requires more research and studies.

Difficulty in consuming garlic in some people

In some people, garlic may cause complications such as difficulty in breathing, heartburn, abdominal distension, and stomach upset. But in most people, if the garlic is consumed appropriately and well, there will be no problem.

The last word: Garlic is good for cholesterol, but not alone!

Some researchers argue that garlic consumption, as a supplement, can not be advisable in view of lowering the level of lipids because the evidence is not as strong as it should or should be. From their point of view, you should not expect a dramatic and miraculous change in the level of cholesterol after taking garlic. They say that garlic may help you lower your body's cholesterol, but its contribution is not so much that you can stop your medication.

What is the last word?

The overall result of our discussion is that you should not expect to have a dramatic effect on the level of cholesterol. Eat garlic, but do not discontinue your medications and also have a look at changes in your lifestyle.





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