Familiarity with skin disease eczema inflammation and its types

Eczema has risen from a Greek word to boil. Based on severity and duration of disease, inflammatory lesions can be divided into three main groups:
1. Acute exacerbation of inflammation
This type of inflammation is characterized by bright and swollen red scars, with juicy grains and severe itching. Scratching causes itching, serum secretion, chest formation, and an increased risk of secondary infection. The onset and deposition of the disease lasts from several hours to 2 to 3 days, and lasts for several days to several weeks if not complicated and then resolves. Types of exotic diseases that appear with these features include: contact dermatitis, cox eczema, pumpholyses, fungal infections.
2. Subacute eczema inflammation:
This condition is characterized by scaly, scaly, scaly wrinkles, and mild to moderate pruritus, without juicy grains. Diseases of atopic dermatitis, old-fashioned dermatitis, oral distant eczema, nipple eczema in nursing mothers and ... with this type of inflammation.
3. Chronic eczema inflammation:
This condition is characterized by increasing the thickness of the skin, exacerbation of skin lines, scratches and skin cracks and moderate to severe pruritus. Diseases that can prevail in this state are: dry and cracked feet, and eczema of the fingertips of the typists.
Common Symptoms:
Eczema is irritating, itching, itchy, juicy juice. These lesions are found in contact with sensitive substances. In chronic cases, other parts of the skin also develop. The skin is eczema, dry, cracked and itchy and may have secretion, and its surface is wet. It's also worth noting that scratching the skin with infected hands and nails can cause infections of the stomach. It should be noted that sometimes the affected skin also has dandruff or skin.
Causes of illness
  • Cosmetics, sanitary and pharmaceutical - perfume and adckling - hair color - aromatic soap
  • Detergent detergents such as powders and liquids used for washing dishes and clothes. These materials, in addition to skin sensitization, can also provide the basis for skin cancers.
  • Fuels: The constant contact of the skin with materials such as petroleum and gasoline provides the basis for the appearance of eczema.
  • Loops like locking pin, metal zippers, metal buttons, belt hooks, etc. all are coated with nickel-sensitive metal and are one of the most important factors in the appearance and exacerbation of eczema, especially in women. Sometimes metals such as gold and silver can also be the cause of eczema.
The first step is to prevent the skin from contacting the sensitiser or stimulant under any circumstances. Antihistamines and corticosteroids are very useful in the treatment of inflammation and the removal of symptoms. Also, the use of cotton clothing, avoiding scratching and rubbing them, and avoiding excessive heat and transpiration also help to prevent it from spreading.

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Mahboubeh Zaferani

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