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Tachycardia, or rapid heart beat is a disease in which the heart rate greater than 100 beats per minute. The disease has three types :

1) When a fast changing Ventricular occurs when the electrical signals of the heart's upper chambers (atria) and increase the heart rate to be stuck with. Heart beats so fast thatbefore the contract is still not completely fill with blood. As a result of reduced blood flow to other organs ­ Will.

2) Ventricular ejaculation : In this type of disease, high heart rate from the ventricle ­ And stems. That occurs when electrical signals in the heart's conduction path is abnormal. In this case, the heart beats so fast that it can not fill with blood or blood to other organs of the body can not reach.

3) Tndtpshy sinus occurs when the rate ­ Construction normal heart, electrical signals faster than the normal post. Direct the flow of the normal course of doing, but high rate.

Fast reasons :

There are several reasons . Intense physical activity, fever, fear, stress, anxiety, use of certain medications and drugs can lead to Tndtpshy sinuses. Tndtpshy sinus caused by anemia (a type of anemia), hyperthyroidism, damage caused by a stroke or heart failure occurs. Tndtpshy supraventricular, most smokers and those who consume too much alcohol and caffeine affects. Sometimes it's associated with a heart attack . This type of Ndtpshy is more common in women and children. Tndtpshy ventricular heart with serious problems such as lack of oxygen and may be associated with other diseases such as SAARC Vyydvz also be relevant. Sakvyyd weight causes inflammation of the skin and othertissues in the body. This type of pneumonia is associated with abnormal electrical pathways, which is an Eddy's distress disorder ( syndrome QT ) Is in communication . As well as structural heart problems like heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy), drug and electrolyte imbalance related ­ Is. Sometimes the reason is unknown .

Fasting symptoms :

Dizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations

In rare cases patients may Tndtpshy, fainting or cardiac arrest can occur. But G Sometimes, rapid heart beats that cause no ­ Will not be any symptoms.


1) Electrocardiographic test ( ECG Or ECG ) This test records the electrical activity of the heart and helps doctors detect abnormalities. Maybe you have to use a Holter monitor. Small, portable device Holter monitor is an ECG in the longer term (24 to 48 hours) Record.

2) Exercise stress test: In this test, the doctor will ask you to move the treadmill and simultaneously check the activity of your heart.

3) Magnetic Source Imaging ( MSI ): The magnetic fields of the heart muscle and recognizes its weakness.

Treatment :

The doctor review your test results, determine which treatment is best for you. If you have sinusitis, cause ­ Troubleshooting and to make recommendations that reduce thecoefficient heart out. These recommendations may include lifestyle changes such as stress management or administration Da Rvhayy to reduce fever. If supraventricular Tndtpshy have, your doctor recommends that you consume caffeine and less alcohol, have more sleep and not smoking. Treatment may include medications to reset ventricular Tndtpshy Electrical signals of the heart or ablation method is to cut it. Ablation method in which the abnormal heart tissue that is destroyed Tndtpshy ­ Brand. Your doctor may befrom ECT is also used to eliminate heart rhythm is fast. Tndtpshy always require treatment, but sometimes it may be fatal. So if your heartbeats are irregular in any way, see your doctor immediately .

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