What causes nose bleeding?

Different reasons, such as head injury or drying of the nasal environment, can cause nose bleeding. Nasal hemorrhage is generally divided into two posterior and anterior sections, the anterior type of which is usually home-treated at home, but in case of posterior posture, it is imperative to refer to a doctor or an emergency.

What is preeclampsia or pregnancy toxicity and how can it be managed?

Preeclampsia is a rare, but very serious condition that occurs during pregnancy due to lack of necessary care and risk factors.

11 Reasons to Loved a Mediterranean Diet!

The Mediterranean diet is a new diet inspired by the traditional diet of Greece, Spain, Italy and Morocco. The regime was registered by UNESCO in 2013 as the intangible cultural heritage of Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus.

How does GTT tolerance test work?

Glucose tolerance testing, also known as Glucose Tolerance Test, is performed to evaluate the body's ability to metabolise and purify glucose, or blood glucose.

Everything about spinal cord injury from causes and symptoms to cure

The spinal cord injury is known to damage any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the cauda equina, which often causes permanent changes in the strength, sensation and function of other organs of the body.

The full introduction of the prolapse of the MVP valve mitral valve and the need to take care of it

Although mitral valve prolapse is not very severe and often does not cause any symptoms, care is needed to prevent leakage and insufficiency.

A nightmare called Preterm Delivery!

What is preterm labor? What are the problems and how to diagnose and prevent it?

What sugar did you hide in your diet?

Sugar is an oral substance and is commonly referred to as all sweet substances. Sugar contains glucose, fructose, and galactose, which is found in many herbs, fruits and dairy products.

What is rheumatoid factor or RF test?

This test is done to help diagnose the presence of autoimmune diseases, such as RA rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Know more about urinary tract infection

In this article, we will get acquainted with urinary tract infections, symptoms, prevention and treatment. Come with the moon

Homemade pregnancy tests along with training on using a baby checker

Household methods of pregnancy testing are methods used by women before precise and even check-up tests are carried out.

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