Stress or Anxiety? The problem is

Stress on its own is not only dangerous, it is also useful for human survival and health. Stress is natural in human nature, like other animals, look at nature and see how stress helps the animal to escape from the hunter. When the deaf hear new sounds, it takes stress and this stress leads to improved performance against the risk. But when stress goes far beyond its normal limits, it will no longer be beneficial and will turn into negative stress or anxiety.

Definition of stress
Stress is a natural reaction that the body exhibits against changes that need to be adapted. You certainly have experienced stress; when you join a new community and want to adapt yourself to this change, you are stressed. Not only bad things, but good things can also be stressful, such as new jobs or marriages.

Types of stress
The types of stress based on the impact on human health are: positive stress and negative stress.

1. Positive or healthy stress
Stress that prepares the body in the face of danger and removes it, and is short-lived.

2. Negative or unhealthy stress
It occurs when a person is constantly and continuously confronted with stressful factors and becomes anxious. Unhealthy stress involves more time.

Although both types of stress are stressful, hormones that produce positive stress in the body are negatively affected by stress. When positive, the body produces a lot of cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which increases the heart rate, muscle strength and alertness.

Complications of stress
Severe and sequential stress causes distress anxiety. Anxiety causes many physical and psychological complications. Its physical side effects include headache, stomach upset, high blood pressure, chest pain, sexual problems, and sleep problems.

Panic disorder and other anxiety disorders, depression and exacerbation of mental illness are anxiety psychological complications. Many people smoke tobacco to reduce their stress levels, drugs, alcohol, sexual relations, self-harm, but in the long term, these behaviors do not reduce the severity of stress and even prevent a person from returning to rest. In this way, he gets stuck in a ring that he can not easily get out of.

Stress affects six main causes of human death: heart disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, crashes, liver cirrhosis and suicide.

Cause too much stress
The causes of stress vary from person to person. It's possible that something that puts you in high stress is not stressful to anyone else. In today's life, almost everything is stressful. Including:

Educational affairs
Occupation and retirement affairs
Sexual, physical or emotional problems
How to deal with relationships
Added new responsibilities
Move to a new place
Lose a dear
New illness or disability
Lack of time or money
Unreasonable expectations that others have of you or yourself from yourself.
Acute stress symptoms
The symptoms we are referring to here are the alarm bells that you need to take and manage the Stretcher seriously by viewing each of them. These symptoms include:

Feeling constant cold
General pain in the body
Gastric reflux
Increase or decrease considerably the appetite
Eclipse or tension of the muscles of the face, neck or shoulder
Sleep problems
heart beat
Cooling and sweating of the legs
Mental fatigue and physical exhaustion
Vibration in various parts of the body
Increase or decrease body weight
stomach discomfort
Sexual problems
Management and treatment of stress
Positive and healthy stress does not require treatment and it is necessary for humans, but when it becomes a negative stress, it should be managed or treated. It is enough to treat anxiety:

Look positively.
Try relaxing techniques such as meditation, yoga and tychi.
Eat healthy food.
Plan your goals for your life and plan to get there.
Give some time to your fun and fun.
Find friends who can understand and talk to you.
Drug use, tobacco and alcohol are not a reliable way to reduce stress.
Talk with a psychologist about your anxiety and the reasons for it.

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