Everything we need to know about the HIV virus, the status of AIDS and people with it

AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a condition that results in severe weakness of the immune system. AIDS is not considered a disease itself, but rather a stage between the introduction of HIV into the body and then the emergence of some infections and cancers that chronic and sustained for a long time, and it can also be a threat.

Influenza vaccine; everything you need to know

Every year, with the onset of the cold season, many people decide to inject an influenza vaccine to avoid getting the disease and having a relatively long and prolonged period. But what is the flu? Who are susceptible to this infection? How does the flu vaccine work?

All About AIDS, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

AIDS is a dangerous disease that attacks the immune system and gradually eliminates it. Until now, no treatment has been discovered for this disease, but some drugs can control it to some extent.

Hepatitis B tests and test results

Hepatitis B blood tests detect viral proteins (antigens) and antibodies produced in response to infection, or detect and evaluate the genetic material of a DNA virus.

What is the cause of herpes disease and how to treat it quickly?

Herpesvirus is one of the most important human pathogens that can lead to genital herpes and herpes simplex virus. Given the contagious nature of the disease, it's best to get familiar with its types and symptoms and treatments.

Herpes or genital warts in men and women, causes and treatment

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by a herpes simplex virus (HSV). After the infection, the virus is disabled in your body, but it can recur several times a year.

What do you know about hepatitis B and its symptoms?

Hepatitis B or HBV is a viral infection that, by affecting the liver, leads to acute or chronic liver disease, and thus potentially threatens the life of the individual.

How to treat the cold of children?

Children eat about eight times a year. Although colds are not serious, sometimes colds may spread to a pneumonia if care is not taken.

What is chickenpox?

The chickenpox is a mild and highly contagious disease. This disease, which is more common in children, is caused by herpes zoster virus.

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