What is creatinine test?

Creatinine Creatinine Test is a test used to evaluate kidney function, kidney disease, and kidney disease.

What is HGB in the blood test?

In the test sheets, HGB, Hg, or Hgb forms may be written, which is the abbreviation for hemoglobin, one of the main elements of the red blood cell. This substance, in which iron is used, is made up of amino acids. Hemoglobin releases it in high oxygen levels and releases it in a low oxygen environment.

What is MCV in the blood test?

What is mcv in blood tests? You may want to consider yourself as a result of your blood test, and you've seen a criterion called mcv. This article aims to explain this variable, which represents the average amount of red blood cells.

What is hematocrit or HCT in the blood test?

Hematocrit hematocrit is one of the measurements of red blood cells in the blood. The normal amount of hematocrit depends on the age and sex of the individual.

What is RBC in blood tests?

RBC stands for red blood cells. The red blood cells are the main part of the blood and its red color. The red color is due to the substance called hemoglobin. Red blood cells are a device for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body's cells.

Coagulation tests or PT prothrombin time test

A prothrombin or PT test is a test used to help identify and diagnose bleeding disorder or excessive clot formation.

What is Uric Acid Test?

The uric acid test is used to diagnose the amount of uric acid in the blood and to check for conditions such as gout.

What is a blood test for controlling diabetes, or the A1C test?

The A1C blood test, or the A1C hemoglobin test, labeled as abbreviated HBA1C in the test sheet, is used to diagnose type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

What is WBC in the blood test?

White blood cells (WBCs) mean white blood cells. By measuring the amount of white blood cells, we can estimate the presence of infection in the body. White blood cells are the defenses in the body and they must react differently from infectious and non-infectious diseases.

What is anemia and anemia and what are its different types?

Anemia is a condition that leads to a lack of adequate amounts of red blood cells or a decrease in hemoglobin. Due to the lack of these two vital elements, the body cells will not be able to receive the oxygen they need.

10 reasons to reduce platelet count during pregnancy

Reducing platelet levels during pregnancy is not common, but it can be present in a significant number of patients. Therefore, regular review is essential.

What you need to know about hemophilia

We will talk about hemophilia in this article. We will talk about the symptoms, causes, and ways of treating this condition.

Can new drugs like Ravrvxaban replace warfarin?

For several decades, warfarin (coumadine) has been one of the most popular drugs used to prevent and treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a dangerous condition caused by blood clots in the veins.

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