What is autism?

Autism or autism is a kind of developmental disorder characterized by abnormal communication and verbal behaviors. Symptoms of this disorder are reported before the age of three years, and the underlying cause is unknown. Those who have this disorder are referred to as autistic or anesthetized.

11 Reasons to Loved a Mediterranean Diet!

The Mediterranean diet is a new diet inspired by the traditional diet of Greece, Spain, Italy and Morocco. The regime was registered by UNESCO in 2013 as the intangible cultural heritage of Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus.

What sugar did you hide in your diet?

Sugar is an oral substance and is commonly referred to as all sweet substances. Sugar contains glucose, fructose, and galactose, which is found in many herbs, fruits and dairy products.

Understanding the Incredible Benefits of Green Tea for Health to Know

Green tea is the healthiest thing I can imagine drinking. This sentence is quoted from Dr. Christopher Ockner, scientist and researcher in the field of food.

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